The Importance of Play in a Child’s Life Cannot Be Emphasised Enough

The importance of play in a child’s life cannot be over-estimated; besides the sheer enjoyment, making play an important part of a child's life helps to nurture parent-child bonding too.

The importance of play in a child’s life cannot be over-estimated; besides the sheer enjoyment, making play an important part of a child’s life helps to nurture parent-child bonding too.

Play is such a simple word; yet, it has a huge meaning as it affects the child for good – the importance of play is such that it fosters an all-round development of the child. Childhood memories are always full of fun and they always help a child to appreciate the little pleasures of life – playing with dolls, Ludo, Chinese checkers, sibling fights, or playing in the park – the list is never ending.

Sadly, today’s children do not get to play as much as we did, thanks to the digital age and its implications. Thankfully, we didn’t have much of television in our times. But now, as a parent, I seriously feel that the time has come to reinstate the importance of play in the life of our children and revive the fun element again.

Given that play is an integral part of acquiring and developing several skills like communication, cognitive, physical, social, and emotional, here are the top three reasons why we should be aware of the importance of this essential birth right.

Play ensures parent child bonding

This is the most important aspects of play for me. As a parent, you can come to know your child’s funny side, what he/she likes etc. Slowly, you can be your child’s playing buddy. You are bound to fall in love with her laughter and giggles. After a tiring day at work, what can be the best way to unwind?!

Besides, you can also understand and analyse your child’s body language while playing with him/her. This will also help you to understand his interests as well.

Play propagates learning and sharing

For pre-schoolers or toddlers, there is no better way to learn other than the play way method of education – so says experts. Play nurtures development and fulfils a baby’s innate ability to learn. Playing peek-a-boo or hide-and-seek or sharing a toy with friends is itself a learning experience – a learning that goes beyond the four walls of a school. Thus, play dates should be encouraged often.

Play provides the benefit of choice to children

When you have myriad options to choose from, you can express yourself better. Similarly, having enough toys or activities to choose from allows children to express themselves better, besides keeping them busy.

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The list for the importance of play is endless, really. As parents we should understand that absence of play may lead to depression, stress, and anxiety. So, before it is too late, we should inculcate healthy dose of play – both indoors and outdoors.

Play being a cherished part of childhood that should not be deprived at all. Let us make it imperative to expose our little ones to as many games as possible from an early age for their healthy brain development.

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