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An Indian woman using a computer
Learning To Use A Computer Gave Me A New Beginning

I was just a homemaker whose life just revolved around the kitchen and family. Technology revved up my otherwise snail-paced life.

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You Have A Mind Of Your Own, So Why Join The Bandwagon?

Just close your eyes and think. You will see that the minute you put your pen to paper a smile appears on your face. Whereas when you pick up the scalpel, you fear the worst.

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Newton’s Law Of Motion

We had just started with our first semester of the class tenth and we were excited to learn the concepts of different subjects.

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a difficult time
#MyPregnancyStory: A Difficult Time With A Happy Ending

Health issues of social factors can often make pregnancy a difficult time for women, and the birth can seem nothing short of a miracle.

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married daughter
How Did I Become A Parayi For You As Soon As I Got Married, Papa?

A married daughter is still looked upon as a guest by Indian parents today, no matter the love that is there. A daughter recounts her personal experience.

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Indian mother in law
Is The New Age Indian Mother In law Still A Villainous Archetype?

Indian cinema has portrayed a stereotypical image of the Indian mother in law. A dour faced, cock-eyed banshee. Is it so even today?

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I Am Not An Earning Daughter In Law Though Highly Educated, Hence Considered Useless By My In Laws!

I am a highly educated homemaker, and am considered worthless by my inlaws, as they had expected a well earning daughter in law. Shouldn't it be my choice?

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A Fond Mother’s Letter To A Daughter Just Entering College

Parents have many dreams for their children. Here is a mother's letter to a daughter on the threshold of college.

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Yes, I Am A Girl, And This Is How I Am Treated In My World!

No matter how good or talented she might be, there is always some discrimination against a girl child. Sometimes it may take extreme forms.

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How I Learnt To Relinquish Control As A Parent

At some point on the parenting journey, we need to let go, relinquish control as a parent. Also, even if you have books to guide you, you need to make your own decisions at times.

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