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#MyPregnancyStory: A Difficult Time With A Happy Ending

Posted: November 1, 2017

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Health issues of social factors can often make pregnancy a difficult time for women, and the birth can seem nothing short of a miracle.

I became pregnant after a year and a half of marriage. It was a happy time for the family. Both of us being the eldest in our respective families the happiness was more.

A mother’s joy begins
When new life is stirring inside–
When a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her, that she is never alone.
Author Unknown

But along with happiness began the physical and mental changes. I recall my elation when the doctor showed the baby’s heart beat in the first sonography. Being a science student I understood the finer details and asked a lot of questions regarding the dos and don’ts during pregnancy. Since it was planned I was thrilled. I also did not suffer from morning sickness and the nausea associated with pregnancy. Since the first three months are very crucial for mother and baby, I was taking all precautions.

We were living in a different city away from our families and the hubby’s job entails lot of travelling. Leaving me alone was next to impossible. So my mother in law was called to help and stay in his absence. Now started the duel — she is quite orthodox and conservative though she had been a working woman, and my troubles began.

As I could not get domestic help I had to do all the household chores. Instead of helping, she started finding flaws and comparing her times with mine. I had been forbidden to lift heavy stuff but since she passed snide comments, so I tried to do the work as she desired. She was of no help, only spewing venom in honey soaked words.

Being the first time, I was anxious, missed my hubby, and was going through hell due to the mental torture. This caused severe health problems and during the second trimester I developed “Pregnancy Abruption

This problem can cause a risk for mother and baby, so by the time the hubby returned the doctor had put me on bed rest and heavy medication. We stayed on a first floor apartment, and climbing stairs was a strict no no, so my hubby decided to leave me with my parents. My parents both belonged to the medical fraternity; my mom being a gynaec had friends in the medical college, so a senior doctor was looking after my case.

Now my mother in law was unhappy that I had gone for my first delivery to my parents place, and she would curse me if we spoke on phone. It was very distressing, along with my other mental and physical problems, but my parents were my pillars of support. This was more important as my husband could not visit me often as he was posted to remote places for fieldwork and even communication was not possible.

Inspite of precautions I developed a severe back problem in my last trimester and I could hardly move. Going to the loo was a torture, and no one could diagnose what was wrong with me. I felt I was sinking, but some alternative therapy was tried which helped me.

At this time I longed to see my husband but due to communication hassles I could not interact with him. He did not have any inkling of the problem. I stayed in that condition for twenty five days – I had to eat my food lying on the bed, and I could not even turn or twist as I experienced excruciating pain. By the time he could get in touch with me, I was a bit better, but the stress of it all was pent up, making me weep inconsolably when he visited.

By this time I had begun my ninth month and I prayed that things would go normally. It was peak summer, i.e May. I was drinking a chilled glass of Pepsi, when I felt fluid flowing down my legs. I was quite hysterical, but my mom calmed me down and immediately drove me to the hospital.

Luckily the doctor had not gone for her round and she knew my water bag had burst, and the condition I was in, I required an immediate Caesarean. She admitted me, did the tests, gave orders to prepare the O.T and soon before I knew what was happening, I was wheeled into the O.T. and my son was born.

It was a rebirth of a kind but to hold the cherub in my arms was no less than a miracle as it is said

A baby makes love stronger,
Days shorter,
Nights longer,
Savings smaller,
And a home happier.
—- Anonymous


Image source: pixabay

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