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You Have A Mind Of Your Own, So Why Join The Bandwagon?

Just close your eyes and think. You will see that the minute you put your pen to paper a smile appears on your face. Whereas when you pick up the scalpel, you fear the worst.

Dear Preeti

You seem to be lost these days, For you making a career choice is like life and death. Peer pressure has made you choose subjects for the medical stream. All your friends have resolved to become doctors, You too have picked up medical subjects as you feel you will follow in the footsteps of your parents who are in this profession. It seems to be a natural choice and people feel you fit the bill.

But dear, have you ever tried to look deeply into your heart. You won’t agree with this decision. You know how you feel when you see cadavers. You are scared to the core. What others think or do it is not necessary that you can do.

This is not you

Get out of this make-believe world you are not that naive or gullible. You have a mind of your own. Why do you want to join the bandwagon?

You forget the accolades you won for your essay and story writing competition. Your English teacher was so proud of you. She told you that you should reconsider your decision regarding going for the medical profession. She was one person who saw you in a different light.

She called you a wordsmith who could create magic with her pen. Fairies need a wand to create magic but your pen was sufficient to create magic. She called you a gifted child.

You were on cloud nine to get so much praise from her. She wanted you to pick up humanities instead of science. Her motive was to push you toward something which would help you reach the zenith in your life.

But you never paid heed and followed your peers.

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Why be afraid of being judged?

You paid no heed to her words for the fear of being judged. You chose not to follow your heart.

You were scared of the naysayers. This fear made you lose so much in life. Your confidence and your ebullience. You forgot to laugh away your troubles. People loved being in your company as you created the feeling of joie-d-vivre around you. But now you look morose and lost. You look like a hen out in the rain. Being the people pleaser you try to do things which pleases others. You ask for validation for all your actions.

You can’t let people influence your judgment. You need to be sensible and make sensible decisions. You have stopped living for yourself.

At times there is remorse in your heart but in front of others you put on a fake smile. It is only at night when no one is watching that you shed copious tears. Your pillow bears the mute testimony of the sadness you carry in your heart.

You are a meek person who has respected others’ feelings, and never given weightage to your aspirations. You feel your mom and dad might not be too happy with your decision.

Put yourself first and then think about others. Your parents are educated and liberal to a certain extent. If you sit them down and pour out your true feelings they will understand.

The heart and mind should be in sync

It is high time that you should be able to keep your heart and mind in sync. You are going through this turmoil because of sync issues.

Just close your eyes and think. You will see that the minute you put your pen to paper a smile appears on your face. The minute you bleed those emotions on paper you feel light and contented. It is a form of catharsis. Whereas when you pick up the scalpel there is anxiety and stress on your face. You fear the worst. You are scared of being judged on your performance. But writing boosts your adrenaline level, you don’t have any fear.

Push yourself without any qualms

No one except yourself can help you make this decision. You know you are a born writer. The eloquence of your words mesmerises people. They get influenced by your write-ups. You are a born rebel who wants to work for the emancipation of women.

Your only aim in life is to help women mired in the shackles of patriarchy. You want them to break free from the shackles of patriarchy. You have always wanted to boost the morale of women.

You seem to be enchained in fetters of your own conflicting emotions.You need to break free from these fetters and take a bold decision. If you can’t chalk your path how will you help others?

A blind eye and a deaf ear

One should sit in solitude and talk to myself. Solitude helps in healing. Listen to your home heart, sometimes minus the noise you get the answers.

Hope you will adhere to my advice. Change your line of thought and purge your emotions with your pen. Discover your true self and live like there will no tomorrow. You can become an accomplished author if you listen to yourself.

Just listen to the music of your heart and take the plunge. Don’t waste your life living behind a veil.

Just shine and rise like the Phoenix from the ashes


Your future self

This August, we had working women writing a deeply personal letter to their younger selves – from the time they were teenagers or college students or young adults just stepping out into a career, and later too when they came up against problems – telling them that they should embrace their #freedomtodream and how this will take them on their journey to get to where they now find themselves.

If you are a working woman and want to write a similar letter to your younger self, log in to your author dashboard or register here as an author, and upload your piece with #FreedomToDream or #FreedomToBeMe in the title. We’d love to hear from you.

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