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Shweta Ganesh Kumar is a writer, blogger and creator of the modern Indian parenting blog ‘The Times Of Amma’,and 'Inkspire' - the digital platform for aspiring Indian writers. She was awarded the prestigious UN Laadli Media Award for Gender Sensitivity in the Blog – Web Category for 2017 for my article, "WhyThe Phrase "Boys Will Be Boys" Is Damaging Our Sons" published in Women's Web. She was featured on the BBC World Service's award-winning show 'Conversations' to talk about online parenting communities and Indian Mom Blogging. Shweta has written multiple fiction books for adults, working with publishing houses like Srishti Books and Good Times Books. Her children’s book ‘The Tiffin Gang’ for Pratham Books was featured in the New York Public Library's World Literature Festival in April 2021. Shweta's latest book for Pratham Books 'At Home', focused on children living through the pandemic and was featured in Dr. Bhau Daji Lad museum's first online session for children at home. She is based in New York City where she lives with her husband, children and dog. More at

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Homeschooling In India – What You Need To Know And Is It For You?
Homeschooling In India – What You Need To Know And Is It For You?

Homeschooling in India is having a moment. Parents are opting for alternate methods thanks to cookie-cutter policies and high costs.

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What Makes Someone A Mother?

Dr Pragya Agarwal's book (M)otherhood: On the choices of being a woman stands out amongst the saturated niche of books on motherhood in its attempt to be inclusive, but what does it give an ordinary hands-on mother?

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older women retaining their names
Was Retaining Maiden Name Just As ‘Normal’ A Generation Ago? Read These Women’s Stories

Did older women who didn't change their names at marriage face issues for this 'radical act', something that is common among younger married women?

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children with autism
Masks, Washing, No Routine – How To Cope With Special COVID Challenges For Children With Autism?

Sensory overload and a lack of routine during COVID-19 makes life an uncharted minefield for children with autism. Here's how 4 moms and a special needs educator feel their challenges can be handled.

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challenges of co-parenting
These Inspiring Parents Show Us Divorced Couples Can Raise Kids Together Too!

What happens to the child when a couple breaks up? How do Indian parents manage the challenges of co-parenting when they do it successfully? 3 ex-couples show us the way.

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dream of a higher education
6 Indian Women Show That Marriage & Kids Don’t Always Mean End Of Your Higher Education Dreams

Does Marriage and Motherhood mean that you can never pursue your dream of a higher education? Here are 6 women to motivate you with their stories.

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parenting a hyperactive child
7 Moms And 1 Expert Give Their Unique Perspectives On Parenting A Hyperactive Child

October is ADHD Awareness Month. Before it is over, let's talk to some moms about parenting a hyperactive child, and see if an increased awareness has changed things?

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schools ignoring mothers
4 Mommy Influencers Call Out Schools Ignoring The Existence Of Mothers In Admission Forms

A Mumbai mother was appalled to find that her daughter’s school medical form only asked for the father’s details, ignoring her very existence. Why do some schools discriminate against mothers?

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intensive parenting
As An Indian Mom, Is The Need For Intensive Parenting Killing Your Career?

Most Indian moms feel parenting today is a detailed to-do list. But do they pay the price of intensive parenting with their derailed careers?

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hands on dads
What Dads Today Have To Say About Being Hands On Dads – Do You Have Any In Your Life?

Are hands-on dads a modern concept or have they always lived amongst us, sans labels? Or did those of us who grew up with them get lucky?

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Why The Phrase ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ Is Damaging Our Sons – Teaching Our Boys To Be Safe!

"Careful!" "Don’t run too fast!" "Let’s not be wild!" Do you know that girls hear these phrases more than boys? Why aren’t we teaching our boys to be safe?

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Mommy Guilt. What About Dads? Do Those Who Miss Out On A Child’s Growing Up Suffer From It?

It is common knowledge to those of us who have brought a newborn home that it is a ‘get one - take one’ offer. Get a baby and take some mommy guilt free.

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Help! Why Aren’t We Told What To Expect When Expecting The Second Child?

Having a second child? Why, then, isn't there any information available now, when everyone and their neighbour had advice for you during your first pregnancy? 

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Even Today, Why Don’t We Consider Using A Mother’s Name As Part Of Her Child’s?

A child’s surname has always denoted his or her heredity - mostly paternal heredity. Until the birth of hyphenated surnames or those created from the parents’ first names.

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Newsflash! Wanting Me-Time Does Not Make Me a Bad Mother

Have you ever felt the searing pangs of mommy guilt? Has the social pressure to become the best parent you can be, made you feel like a bad parent instead?

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Bosses: Male or Female? Does Gender Matter?

Do women prefer women or male bosses? Or is gender and leadership an irrelevant question today?

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The Price Of Going Pink

So you think pink is for girls? Find out the real price of pink products for women and girls!

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Feminist Rant
Random Rants From A Mildly Enraged Feminist

Obsessing over new mothers' weight and female politicians' looks, sending 'friendship' requests, - a mildly enraged feminist rants at these creepy folks.

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woman's marital status
Miss or Mrs., None Of Your Business!

Why should a woman's marital status matter for a job search? Have you ever been discriminated against for being married or single?

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An Officer And A Lady?

Can women undertake combat roles in the Indian army, or are women's bodies inherently unfit for frontline work in the army?

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See, Speak, Hear No Evil. Unfriend Instead?

How to deal with everyday sexism, including from our "Facebook Friends"? Do we confront it or just ignore it and move on?

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Patriarchy And Repression Score Again

The Gurgaon administration believes crime against women will come down if women stop working after 8 p.m. Whose responsibility is women's safety?

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Let The Male Nurses Be

Female truck drivers and male nurses - is it time we stopped segregating careers by gender?

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look closer!
Sweat the Small stuff!

Gender stereotypes continue unchallenged unless each of us challenges them

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But Pink Is For Girls!

Does gender conditioning start from the womb? It was a couple of  months ago when I was trawling baby stores in a mall in Manila, hunting for the perfect baby shower gift for my 8 months pregnant friend that I realized that differentiation on the basis of colour was still a very real phenomenon. No, […]

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Clothes Make The Man. But What About The Woman?

Why is fashion and the choice of what we wear such a double-edged sword to women? Before Anna Hazare and his team and the government and their team and all those in between took over the cyberspace and the news-space, there were stories of a certain Pakistani foreign minister that was doing the rounds. This […]

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