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From Monster-In-Law To Maa, The Relationship Between The MIL And DIL Can Definitely Change…

Historically, MILs have been the torture inducing villains in every DIL's life. However, with changing times, the author hopes this equation changes.

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Menstruation : Myths And Misunderstandings

In many parts of our society, people actually take pride in believing and inculcating myths around menstruation rather than shunning them.

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Why Is Name Change A Must After Marriage? She Has Her Own

Why do people want to try and get a young bride to change her name, wishes, identity, and mould herself into someone they want her to be?

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To Parents From A Non-Parent

Your child looks up to you and learns things. No amount of counselling, parenting seminars or parenting books would help you if your own behaviour in your family is irresponsible.

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Is Technology Muting Our Voice?

This contradicts itself, doesn’t it? With developing technology, we believe that our voice is becoming more powerful every day.

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The Tough Boss Who Found Her Stolen Time [#ShortStory]

How does a tough boss strike a balance between getting quality work done and maintaining a friendly workplace? This short story explores.

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educating the girl child
Let Us Build A Country Where No Girl Will Have To Say, “I Am Not Allowed To Study!”

Educating the girl child everywhere in India should be made possible by educating the people about its importance and changing mindsets.

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English medium
When The Parent Of A 5 Year Old Thinks, “How Can My Child Make It To IIT?”

It is sad that parents in smaller towns face the pressure to enrol their child in an English medium school, thinking that this is the only way to higher education.

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A Letter From A Mother To Be To Her Unborn Baby

A heartfelt letter from a mother to be to her unborn baby, citing the good and the bad in this beautiful world, and what matters and what doesn't.

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What Is More Important? Being A ‘Perfect Couple’ Or Being A ‘Compatible Couple’?

A compatible couple. Isn't that a better relationship state to be in than being the 'perfect couple' matching in superficial parameters like looks?

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Was Having A Normal Delivery So Important To Her In Laws That They Were Willing To Sacrifice Ridhima’s Baby?

Insisting on a normal delivery, when it could become dangerous to the baby or the mother - how can these be decided by the family, instead of the attending doctor?

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