A Letter From A Mother To Be To Her Unborn Baby

A heartfelt letter from a mother to be to her unborn baby, citing the good and the bad in this beautiful world, and what matters and what doesn't.

A heartfelt letter from a mother-to-be to her unborn baby, citing the good and the bad in this beautiful world, and what matters and what doesn’t.

To my lovely one,

I can feel you every day. You surprise me with a sign of your presence in various ways. My eyes are eagerly waiting to see you. My arms are willing to hold you. My happiness seems to have no bounds when I think of you. Come soon to Mumma, my dear one! We are eager to welcome you to the beautiful world.

The world is beautiful

The world is surely beautiful. When you will open your eyes and start understanding the world, please don’t get disappointed and please, please don’t get me wrong. No, I am not lying. The world is really beautiful.

It’s just little messed up. We have tried to clear some of the mess for you, but you will have to understand that there are a few things in life which you will have to deal with on your own, and you will have to change it for your own self.

Your family

The first thing which you will see will be the happy faces of your parents and family. They are the people who will always try to be there to protect you. But never be dependent on any of them completely.

Sometimes their protection won’t be enough to deal with the situation. You will always see you family as the most powerful entity after God, but sometimes some powers are not enough to solve all the problems in the world.

Face problems

Problem’ is a word which you will hear, speak about, and read about. But the thing to do is to face it. Then you will understand the real meaning of it, you will understand how it feels. You will come to me, your father or any of the family members, narrate your problem in your language as per your understanding and ask for our help, may be with teary eyes. But always keep one thing in mind – that you cannot be right all the time. And sometimes your own people will have to make you realize this.

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Nothing bad in being wrong

So don’t get disheartened if you are proven wrong. You don’t need to fight with the world to prove yourself right. It is time-wasting and energy-wasting. There is nothing bad in being wrong. What is important is to accept this fact and work on it with even more positive attitude. This will help you in improving yourself.

A few things will be difficult. But don’t be scared of that. Remember that ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. Something good is waiting for you, but to achieve that, you will have to pass through some hurdles.

Be ambitious

Be ambitious but don’t be greedy. With time, you will understand the difference between the two. Never be afraid of having big dreams. A few of them will sound almost impossible, but enough courage in the right direction may help you to reach there.

Don’t give up

But yes, there is a difference between ‘Living a Dream’ and ‘Living in Dreams’. Sometimes you will fail. But do not give up. When you fall down, don’t you get up again? The same is with many situations in life. A single failure can never decide your future. Take it as an opportunity and learn from it.

Be a learner

Be a very good learner. Never get tired of learning. Keep your eyes open and be a good observant. These things are endless. Try to enjoy them. Never live your life with closed eyes.

Be positive

Remember dear, life is positive itself. That’s why you are reading this letter. So never lose the hold on positivity. This will keep you motivated. And this will play a major role in all the happiness, love, success and achievements in your life.

I also want to make you aware that some people and some people with negative energy may surround you, but please try not to get influenced by them. It won’t be clearly visible, but you will have to understand them wisely. Always make a wise choice.

Work hard

Not all shortcuts are feasible. Not all charming faces are good hearted.

Sometimes you will have to take a long and difficult path with thorns and rough rocks. But with your dedication, positive attitude and talent, you will manage to reach to the rose at the end.

Don’t judge others

Never judge people by their face or the clothes they are wearing or the wealth they own. Try to understand their soul and intentions. It’s beautiful to be with kind and goodhearted people.

Respect nature

Respect Mother Nature as much as you respect me. It will be your God. Remember dear, we are nothing without her. Wastage of ‘anything’ is not a noble deed. And of course, you will believe in noble deeds always for sure.

Education is important

And the most important thing above anything is Education. We will provide the best of it. We will educate you but you have to make yourself literate.

I am trying to make you understand the world in which you will be living with me or without me. So without wasting any time, I am writing this to you. I know that it will take years for you to read this, and hopefully, by then, many things may have changed. But these few principles and values should be poured into you as you are my dearest one.

And yes, do always remember that we love you so much and we want you to live your life with grace, love and gratitude.

Stay happy and healthy,

-Someone who loves you unconditionally

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