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Meenal & Sonal blogger duo wishes to spread the aura of positivity through their writing. They use very simple, pure and unique ways to explain various concepts of day to day activities which easily connect to the hearts of everyone explaining the power of positive thoughts and ideas.

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This #FathersDay Hug Your Dad!

Have you ever subconsciously hugged your dad? If not, this Father's Day, go give the biggest hug to your idol- to you father!

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Why Are Women’s Dreams And Careers Always Considered Expendable?

As women we must break societal barriers, and take a step towards our dreams; family and societal support will surely follow!

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Why Mothers Of Today Are Kicking Off The Golden Pedestal We Put Them On

By praising mothers on one day for their varied roles, we think we're doing a fab job, but we're adding more burden subconsciously on mothers, to continue to be 'selfless' and 'boundless'.

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4 Questions Society Asks Women That Reek Of Gender Bias And Shouldn’t Have Place In 2022

But have we ever thought about why these questions are directed to woman only?

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Why Are Decisions Changed Because Of ‘Log Kya Kehenge’ Mindset

For ‘Log Kya Kehenge’, I can only remember my father favourite song ‘Kuch tau log kehenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna’ which tells us to ignore the sayings of the society.

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How Parenting Can Make A Generation Without #GenderBias

Parenting matters a lot to shape the next generation to become free from gender bias as it is the primary unit for shaping the children.

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Is Lockdown A Physical or A Mental Challenge?

Make your mind the master and train it so well that urge of stepping out of house is no more ignited. Master your mind and then see how simple the life seems to you.

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Unnoticed Divine Message in Navratri

Why do we worship female Goddesses where on the other hand, society is depressed when a girl is born?

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4 Resolutions Every Woman Should Take In 2020 #Resolutions2020

Woman shoulders the entire family and also is a clock that run continuously, but take a note of these resolutions that are easy to complete and will make your year 2020 more merrier.

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Do You Always Break Your New Year Resolutions? These 5 Tips Will Help!

Tired of making new year resolutions and breaking them? These 5 simple strategies will help you ace your new year resolutions!

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Let Go Of The ‘Perfectionist’ Mamma Tag

“I am unable to handle all things properly; I schedule everything but it starts going haywire”

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Why We Should Respect Zaira Wasim’s Decision And Not Question It

The glamorous film industry has not taken away the self from Zaira Wasim and she always stands out to be a superstar that has no secrets this time.

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4 Virtues Of Kumud Raina That We Absolutely Love

Kumud Raina is relatable to all who aspire to speak their mind and live their life. She is selfless yet an ambitious girl who prioritizes herself over the society.

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Top 8 Reasons To Love The Football Game Of Life

The game of football drives everyone crazy irrespective of one’s age. The game is filled with passion, hard work and complete dedication of the players; who want to perform and win for their respective teams.

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