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4 Resolutions Every Woman Should Take In 2020 #Resolutions2020

Woman shoulders the entire family and also is a clock that run continuously, but take a note of these resolutions that are easy to complete and will make your year 2020 more merrier.

2019 is up for wrap and we all are heading towards year 2020 with goals and resolutions in our kitty for better future and life. Resolutions makes our life more focussed and yearly resolutions are small milestones to be achieved. As the year marks in our life we all have few thoughtful goals and few that are carried forward from the present year. For a goal to fulfill or a resolution to be completed there are many factors and one of them is having resolutions that are realistic and doable. Here are resolutions for woman of modern world.

  1. Regular Health Check Up: Lady of the house is backbone of the family and mostly neglects her health keeping other thing in priority. But we need to understand that regular health checkup can help us cope up better with any kind of deficiency or disease at earlier stages. Family is utmost important but self-health is utmost prior and needs attention time to time. As saying goes “Love thyself and then the world”, hence be regular in exercise and fitness routine rest all things can wait.
  1. Upgrade Skills: Second resolution is to upgrading skills, be it professionally or personally, one need to keep learning new things. Learning is always helpful and gives us positive energy. A woman is always handful of tasks and attending a regular course maybe cumbersome. In this online world there are many websites such as Coursera and NPTEL which offers various certifications over wide range of subjects. Upgrade your skill and look for new ventures that gives you contentment and happiness.
  1. Go Natural: We have all witnessed the change is impactful if done from the foundation and at root level. So if we are looking for betterment of the future then woman plays a major role in that too. If woman decides to stop using one-time plastic and a small change as carrying cloth bags for shopping, then this small changes can surely lead to greener environment. If we want a change to commence successfully then woman is key role to play. Go green this 2020 and mark the impact on environment for cleaner environment for our kids and grandkids.
  1. Enrol in Self Defense Classes: Yes this is the last resolution but the most important ones. After taking note of the series of the events in rural and urban areas woman needs to take charge of their own safety. Woman cannot depend on help to arrive at all times. Hence, enrolling in self defense classes can make woman more confident to face any adverse situations.

Woman shoulders the entire family and also is a clock that run continuously, but take a note of these resolutions that are easy to complete and will make your year 2020 more merrier.

Did you all set goals for year 2020? Is anyone of them listed here?
Do you look back at the year spent, the ups and downs?

Resolutions every woman need to pledge in 2020

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