Is Lockdown A Physical or A Mental Challenge?

Make your mind the master and train it so well that urge of stepping out of house is no more ignited. Master your mind and then see how simple the life seems to you.

The world is trapped under the shadow of virus named Covid 19, CoronaVirus. The only way to escape from this virus is staying away from people and probably staying away from everyone. This leads to a lockdown situation in most of the countries in the world. India is also hit with it and the entire country is under a lockdown state, which means one can only step out of the house if very urgent and for fetching the essentials.

Families are locked in their home for staying away from all and spending time in isolation. This situation gets tricky with each passing day as we all don’t know the end date of it. When we are unable to physically move from one place then all the challenges are diverted to mental challenge and we all can overcome this by using few simple ways.

State the Reason for being at home

We are well aware of the reason for being at home but a single statement like “I am at home for my good health” or “I love being with my family in crisis time”. Stating such statements again and again you are reminding yourself that health is your utmost priority and rest all can wait. You can also say these statements loud to all family members once a day so that the morale of being family members is high and positive vibes flow in the home.

Engage yourself completely

Keeping yourself totally immersed in work and play shall make your mind busy and no time for negative thought to hover. Plan your days in advance be it watching your favourite movies, your pending work and playing with children. Pre-decide the games and have a little schedule for the day so that you need not think what to do next. Don’t let the spare time hover you, take a step forward and make yourself so busy that you don’t feel like bored.

Re-arrange stuff

“New angle makes you look at things differently”. We all need to find such angels in life. It can be as simple as arranging your book shelf, or re-organising your wardrobe. Feel happy about the task you are doing. New look definitely ensures that happiness flourish in home in this tough time.

Indulge in reading

Yes, reading is such a good habit that once you taste it you will not leave it easily. Pick a book from the book shelf, dust it around and get into it, read it for at-least 15 minutes if you just started your reading journey. Slowly you will notice that with each passing day your interest in books increases and you have crossed 15-minute mark. Reading is a form that can make you travel to different lands while you sit on your couch. Reading makes us to travel in different era also we can even visit fantasy land while reading. Make reading fun with children too, all can pick different characters from the story book and start pretend game. Make different vices for each character and enact the whole story, your kids and family are going to love it.

Appreciate the measures taken

Start appreciating the measures taken by the government and the society. It is for the better health and better lives that government is locking down each state and keeping a strict eye on violators. Such measures are necessary for people to understand the seriousness of it else people take things for granted and start roaming on empty roads. If your society and the vendors of essential goods are taking preventive measures appreciate their effort and thought behind it. A word of appreciation can go long way for all and will make this situation better for all.

Laugh it loud

There are many jokes that are doing rounds in the social media, it is completely okay to laugh about it as it lightens the mood and keep your hopes high. Yes laughing on this situation can be tricky but one cannot ignore such meme’s showcasing the fun side of the situation. Don’t judge who made such meme’s or why people come up with jokes in tough situation instead laugh about it and make the environment around you lively.

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Boost you child’s confidence

Your child is doing a great job by showing patience in this lockdown situation. The tiny minds are gathering the information from you and your perspective matters to them. Tell them that by stepping out we are endangering ourselves and it for few days that we have to have holidays with a twist. We adults also need to be patient with their repeated questions and answer them with love and care and embarking boundaries on them in holidays is that they are not used to. Spend time with them and make the most of it with drawing, stories and pretend plays and of course few house chores to keep them busy and also such tasks will make them learn some life skills.

So, if we train our mind then this physical challenge of no movement can be erased with the mental movement. Make your mind the master and train it so well that urge of stepping out of house is no more ignited. Master your mind and then see how simple the life seems to you.

A request to all the readers, Stay Safe Stay Healthy.

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