Kiran Manral

Kiran Manral is an Indian author, columnist and mentor. She has published books across genres in both fiction and non-fiction. She lives in Mumbai.

Voice of Kiran Manral

For Our Children’s Sake, Let’s Talk Of Body Weight Issues Without Being Cruel…

Obesity can be unhealthy, leading to chronic lifestyle related ailments. But fat shaming and skinny shaming is also unhealthy and can cause lasting scars.

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abusive teachers
Abusive Teachers Make Life Hell For Students, Even Be Fatal!

As parents, we put a piece of our hearts out into this world and into the custody of the teachers at school and tuition and can only hope and pray that they treat them well.

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What If I Hadn’t Escaped The Stalker I Had When I Was 21?

Author & columnist Kiran Manral writes her first piece for a new column: "I think of the what ifs of the lives that sexual violence brought to an end, lives snuffed out, dreams snuffed out, trauma carried through a life that is inescapably divided into a before and after."

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Rekha's story
Rekha’s Story Is An Amazing Example Of A Life Lived Unapologetically

What is glorious about Rekha’s story is the triumph of a woman who lives her life on her terms, in an industry that is so fiercely male dominated.

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The Alchemy Of Becoming Invisible In Middle Age

What is it about being middle-aged that seems to make a woman invisible to everyone? A hilarious look at this liberating phenomenon as it struck me.

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masturbation story
5 Books Progressive About Female Sexuality

How often have you read a book that is unapologetic about female sexuality? 5 such books which depict women taking charge of their sexuality.

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Female sexual desire in Indian women
When Women Dare Not Speak Of Desire

Why are Indian women hesitant to talk about – or even admit to - female sexual desire?

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Sexual desire in Indian women
Good Indian Women In Hindi Cinema

Indian women in Hindi cinema are slowly changing to reveal what many of us already know: that sexual desire in women is only normal.

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India Helps: Together We Can

Kiran Manral shares with us the story behind ‘India Helps’ – a group of volunteers who seek to help disaster victims, in their times of need.

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5 Most Common Work From Home Scams In India

The rise of remote work has opened up new possibilities. However, there has been a spike number of work-from-home scams in India.

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How Indian moms can deal with ADHD
When Your Child Has ADHD

While many children are inherently mischievous, for some it may indicate a behavioural problem called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

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The mafia queens of mumbai by Hussain Zaidi
Mafia Queens Of Mumbai

The Mafia Queens Of Mumbai by Hussain Zaidi is pulp reading to savour - guts, grime and retribution at its engaging best.

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A Guide To Your First Experience Of Sex: What You Should Know

Few Indian women know what to expect during their first sexual encounter. Some facts to help you through your first experience of sex.

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The Complete Guide to Becoming Pregnant

The Complete Guide To Becoming Pregnant is a must-read for couples who are having trouble conceiving, and want to explore Assisted Reproductive Technologies.

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10 Memorable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If Mother's Day gift ideas like clothes and jewellery seem passe, here are some unique gift ideas for the Indian mom, to make Mother's Day special!

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Cook, Stitch, Earn

Many women entrepreneurs in India began by using traditionally female skills to start a home based business. We learn from their stories.

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It’s Not Harassment, Or Is It?

Working women in India often find their concerns about sexual harassment dismissed as trivial. Learn what is workplace harassment.

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Women & The Weight Loss Tamasha

The well-known Rujuta Diwekar book, Women And The Weight Loss Tamasha goes beyond weight loss tips for women to focus on nutrition

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Loss Of Desire: Getting Back Your Libido!

The loss of desire can lead to relationship issues for many Indian women. Learn how to get your mojo back!

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The Female Boss: Fodder For Gender Stereotyping!

As they climb the corporate ladder, women at work find that being the female boss invariably leads to gender stereotyping.

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Teaching kids social awareness
Parenting Tips For Teaching Kids Social Awareness

Interested in teaching your kids social awareness? Some parenting tips for Indian moms to raise a socially conscious child.

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Motherhood: From Joy To Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is quite common in Indian women; but awareness and support for new mothers is still very low.

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Mentoring programs for working women in India
How To Make Best Use Of A Mentoring Program

While mentoring programs in India are growing, you need to learn how to use a mentor's time effectively. Tips for working women in India.

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Why Women Need Mentors

Why do women need mentors? Read on to learn how you can reach career goals with the support of a mentor.

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Divorced Women In The India: Still Taboo?

While divorce is becoming more common, divorced women in India still carry a stigma and face challenges at the workplace.

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The 10-Step Plan For A Career Change

Interested in making a career change? Here is a 10-step plan for women at work seeking a career change.

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Working Mothers Who Travel

Working mothers in India grapple with work-life balance on jobs that need travel: stories from working women

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Returning From A Career Break

Want to return to work after a career break for motherhood? Stay updated and plan your return to work while you’re home.

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Women’s Health & Cardiovascular Diseases

Women’s health is often neglected; learn about heart attacks in women and how it is a growing threat to many Indian women.

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