10 Memorable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If Mother's Day gift ideas like clothes and jewellery seem passe, here are some unique gift ideas for the Indian mom, to make Mother's Day special!

If Mother’s Day gift ideas like clothes and jewellery seem passe, here are some unique gift ideas for the Indian mom, to make Mother’s Day special!

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and yet, when it comes to the woman who nursed you through infant colic and teenage heartache, does it seem like you’ve run out of gift ideas?

Here are a few Mother’s Day gift ideas that you could do for your mom to make sure she has a great day. (And don’t forget to read – Mere Paas Maa Hai, our last year’s tribute to the unforgettable filmi maa!)

Mother’s Day gift ideas that are ‘priceless’

1. Plan a family reunion: If it is possible and practical, try to have your siblings and/or your mom’s siblings get together in a surprise party that will have her delighted. A nice day picnic with the entire family, a brunch or an extended lunch with the family will be the perfect way to make this Mother’s Day extra special.

2. Revisit your childhood homes, if they’re in the same city. Go back to the places that meant a lot to you both during your childhood – maybe your school, the park you visited together, the movie hall she would take you too, a restaurant you went to occasionally. Gift her a nostalgia trip!

3. Just spend the day with her. Take her grocery shopping. Help her clean the house. Cook a meal for her. Do things for her that make her take a break from her routine. Sometimes these little things can mean more to a mother than all the diamonds or expensive gifts in the world.

Mother’s Day messages from the heart

4. Make a video of your mom and your growing up years and make the showing of it as dramatic an event as possible with all the family gathered together over brunch or dinner. We are sure she will adore the thought and the effort. Go to a digital studio in the neighbourhood to help you if you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself, or if you have a tech savvy person in the family, rope him or her in to help you compile all the home videos and photographs together into a cohesive movie with a narrative of sorts, do voice overs, get sound bytes from all the members of the family and her siblings too.

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5. Sit down with your mom and make a family scrapbook with all your childhood pictures and all the grandchildren’s pictures. Scout around for photographs from family friends and relatives, have them scanned and printed, if they can’t share the photographs themselves. Document her life with you as a child, and with the grandchildren. The activity will be fun, and it will be a mother’s day gift your mother could treasure for life. Have every sibling write a note to her, and every grandchild too, and stick them through the scrapbook.

6. Spend time with the less fortunate: If your mother would like to give back to society, help her start volunteering by arranging for a day out at a charitable organization of her choice such as a children’s home or old-age center. Visit them beforehand and discuss with the staff as to how both of you could help – perhaps just spend the day with residents or give children a hand with their homework or anything else they need help with. It could be the start of a new and productive activity for her.

Mother’s Day treats!

7. A trip to the Spa: Your mother has pampered you through your childhood but think back – she has honestly not spent enough time and effort on pampering herself. You could send her for a day at the local spa. If you want to pamper yourself too, make it a mom and daughter day out at the spa. Or – for an entire day, you could check into a five star hotel or resort – let your mother have the pleasure of simply lazing around all day – or shopping if that’s where her interests lie.

8. A water park or theme park could be a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Getting wet and having fun on all the rides could be a great way for your mother to de-stress and enjoy herself on her special day. And also rediscover the little girl in her.

9. Take your mom for a salon makeover: Has your mother always dressed and had her hair in the same way for years? Take her to a salon and get her a radical hair makeover, and then shopping with the help of a store professional or a personal shopper who could help suggest a new wardrobe – of course, consult your mother on how dramatic she would like her change of image to be.

10. If your mother is fond of music or theatre, find out if there is a performance or a play she would appreciate and book tickets for the both of you – even if it’s a genre that bores you to tears. Check the listings for what is on and conveniently accessible in your city or town, and make the bookings without telling her – just ask her to keep herself free.

The most precious Mother’s Day gift ideas that you can think of is your time. And your attention. And the assurance that you love her and she still means the world to you.


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