Ishita Basu

Voice of Ishita Basu

On Wrong Side of The History

A poignant description of the emotions of citizens of a country at unrest.

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The Healing Touch of Paws and Claws

Sometimes, when it feels like a burden to be and act like a ‘human’, an animal can often teach us how to be better versions of ourselves in such situations.

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‘The Good Girl’ – Tethered To Rules & Expectations

From the day a girl is born, she has several impositions put on her- right from how she talks to whom she talks to. Isn't it time we taught our girls to rebel?

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My Journey with Anxiety – How I Embraced Living With It

Every person suffering from anxiety has different symptoms and coping mechanisms. The author too had her own set. Here is how she overcame her anxiety.

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Anya’s Story Of Crawling Out The Eternal Abyss

Anya finds reality leaving her again. She sits down. Blinks, opens her eyes. Smiling, she starts thinking of the new memories. Then she starts panicking.

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