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How Dare She Be The Unsanskaari, Unshy Bride Who Didn’t Cry!

Posted: October 15, 2020

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Brides are supposed to be demure, and cry at their wedding. After all, they’re leaving behind those they love. A bride who isn’t like that? Tsk, tsk.

She was happy,
so she smiled.
For she was finally with,
the love of her life.
That’s when the confusion ensued,
for how dare she!
How dare she didn’t look shy or really cried.
That invited more perusal,
since she had a spirit, untameably wild.

Enraged for they thought
she didn’t love her past.
If only they knew,
She holds them dearly to her heart,
and will do so till she breathes her last.
But she refused to pretend to please.
It confused them more and put them at unease.

They were dunce, ‘cos her love
for her kin were unfathomable.
But yet they tried to number and scale,
the thing that was not measurable.
You don’t know the tears she shed,
especially when everyone left.
You only saw what she had let you see,
since she keeps her space trial-free.

That’s why she smiled when she wanted,
and cried in solitary.
She didn’t heed the approval,
she knew surmises are dreary.
Now she looks forward to her life,
with an unabashed hope and some spice,
So, yes please, sit back and continue to munch on.
She’ll see you shortly, smile politely,
and then with her life, stride on.

Image: Photo of the Author, Ishita Basu from her wedding day.

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