On Wrong Side of The History

A poignant description of the emotions of citizens of a country at unrest.

The land was burning on an eternal pyre
The ones at top were putting petrol in it,
to amp up the devouring fire.
They used that fire to warm their cold hands,
It warmed the arms but couldn’t warm their cold hearts,
The fire they ignited was burning the nation in all parts.

The brave ones were on the front line with books,
The cowards were plotting their win,
by hooks and by crooks.
The lathis and gas were used to silence,
But it only accumulated more smog,
So, they gave guns to uniforms and to kill, a license.

They closed the borders and stopped connections.
But what they couldn’t stop are the uproars,
the anger and the afflictions.
So, they pulled out even more guns,
especially on kids who yielded none.

It is then that I saw the history repeating,
I foresaw a country in near future that’s repenting.
The saffron was chipping off the painting,
The jingoistic pride was denting.

They said they will build a religious zion,
But forgot oppression only breeds more rebellion.
Afraid of people waking up, they started singing appeasing lullabies,
But we could see the monster hiding behind the slipping guise.

The end is near, they chanted.
You can’t stop this shifting paradigm.
You can’t stop it with your corruption,
nor can you stop it with your crime.
So, stop this mayhem,
and put an end to this diabolical mystery
Or the books they write shall forever remember you,
as the one who stood on the wrong side of the history.


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