Laugh Lines

Laugh lines are also a part of ageing - celebrate it!

Cleanser. Serum. Moisturizer. Oil.

The routine was set for the night.

Skin care is important for all.

So, I’ve been told.

Especially with my age growing,

I didn’t want to drop the ball.

Not at all.

Scrub. Scrub. Rub. Rub.

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Still the problem’s there.

Maybe my skins needs a grub.

Ah… then I saw it.

It was peeking at me through the goo on my face.

So, I leaned in even closer to the mirror,

Like looking for something in a maze.

There it was. I spotted it finally.

Right next to my lips and closer to my nose.

My laugh lines; when I smiled, it rose.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I thought can aging be a vice?

This discovery does make me morose

So, I stopped smiling since that’s when it rose.

Two days went by with me not smiling.

Even when my love cracked a joke.

Gave me a little poke.

Asking me to lighten up.

But the hypocrite in me suddenly wasn’t so woke.

Even with that realization,

I didn’t resort to smiling.

On TV I saw an advert of olay,

They were insecurity mining.

A week went by in not smiling.

The more I refrained, the sadder I got.

So, more creams I bought.

I carried on like that until suddenly I saw,

A lady of age ripe,

Seemed like the grandma type.

She was playing with her grandchild.

She looked so free, reminiscent of her youth wild.

The beauty of hers was beyond that face all wrinkled.

For when she held the little boy,

One could spot some glimmer, it twinkled.

First time in weeks, I felt compelled to smile.

That moment I saw my passing reflection.

Damn, I looked beautiful in that while.

So, I flicked my hair and smiled brighter than ever,

Realized better get busy in making memories

as no one sees the light soaked in youth forever.

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