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Muslim Women Are Fighting Their Own Battles – We Need Allies, Not Rescuers

Muslim women are not a monolith. Not only do we face the regular challenges that all Indian women do (like harassment or domestic violence) but we also have the additional task of fighting stereotypes.

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hijabi women
I’m A Non-Hijabi, But Shouldn’t We Stop Judging Hijabi Women For Their Choice?

I'm a non-hijabi Muslim woman. On occasion of World Hijab Day, let me say that we shouldn't be judgemental of those who make a choice to wear the hijab.

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Why The Hell Are So Many Men Boycotting The Gillette Ad?

“Boys will be boys”? Isn’t it time we stopped excusing bad behaviour? Gillette has come out with a wonderful ad advocating that it takes only a handful of men to challenge toxic masculinity.

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Bihar rape
16 y.o. Allegedly Raped, Mutilated And Killed In Bihar, Reflects Lack Of Fear Of The Law

A 16 year old girl was found mutilated and killed in Gaya, Bihar, allegedly after being raped. The family says that the police refused to file an FIR, and the police claim it was 'honour killing'.

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Hardik Pandya, One More Celeb Who Disappoints! Should We Be Surprised?

Cricket is considered a 'gentleman’s game' but anyone who watched Cricketer Hardik Pandya on the Koffee with Karan show would be in for a shock. Hardik Pandya could hardly hide his chauvinism and rather, even seemed proud of his ideas about women.

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Put Foot. In Mouth. Rani Mukherjee Talks Martial Arts When Asked About #MeToo

In a recent round table discussion on sexual harassment, noted actress Rani Mukherjee’s comments on the #metoo movement were shocking and highly disturbing.

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Happy Men’s Day – To All The ‘Poor’ Men Who Were Only Trying To Be ‘Friendly’ With You

Men‘s Day this year has a special significance especially after all the #metoo stories coming out, where we got to see the other side of 'good', successful men. Read on to know why we should be celebrating.

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No More Hushing Women’s Voices! With #MeToo Workplaces Should Get Better For Women

The stories coming into light as part of #MeToo movement are heart-wrenching. The act of covering up violations and protecting the offenders by co-workers are unacceptable. 

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Why Muslim Women Are Not Happy With The Triple Talaq Bill

The Triple Talaq bill has generated a lot of buzz, but the Muslim community, including Muslim women, is not very happy with the way the bill is framed.

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We All Supported #MeToo. Then Why Does Naming Names Make Us So Uncomfortable?

Naming alleged sexual perpetrators has caught people by surprise and many who supported 'Me Too' are critical about the 'Name and shame' campaign.

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There’s More To Muslim Divorce Than Triple Talaq!

Triple Talaq or Muslim divorce has been in the news for sometime and the whole nation seems to be intrigued with the word. Let's learn more about what Muslim divorce involves.

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Why Do Urban, ‘Elite’ Women Suffer Domestic Abuse Silently?

The recent high profile Silicon Valley domestic abuse story has brought back the focus on domestic violence among the urban elite.

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Dear South Indians, Let’s Look Inward At Our Own Obsession With ‘Black’ And ‘White’ Skin?

While Tarun Vijay was rightly castigated for his comments about 'black' South Indians, what about the casual racism deeply embedded in the fabric of our own lives? Look within!

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Does The Silence Of Society Embolden The Bullies?

Bullying, or even cyber bullying/harassment is a reality but mostly neglected by all until one becomes a victim. Is there something we can do about it?

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Why Women Need To Reclaim The Streets. #IWillGoOut No Questions Asked

Women need to reclaim the streets; this should be our top priority before we are pushed into oblivion.

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On Savitribai Phule’s Birthday, It’s Time To Ask: Was Her Journey Easy?

Savitribai Phule who started the first girls' school in India, faced many of the same challenges that Indian feminists do even today. It's time to look at how tough her journey was.

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Why Can’t The Protagonists Of Today’s “Women Centric Books” Save Themselves Without A Man’s Help?

So many women centric books still have the woman leaning on a man for her happiness. We need more books where the woman saves the day for herself!

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Today A Cricketer’s Wife Is Attacked, Tomorrow It Can Be You

The hateful attack on cricketer Shami for posting his wife’s pictures on social media is shameful but only reflects the misogynistic views of ordinary people.

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When Shilpa Shetty Stumbles On Animal Farm, Why Do We Go So Wild?

Shilpa Shetty stumbles and the world goes wild; she is trolled for her comments by all and sundry. With this, Shilpa joins Alia Bhatt 's circle of celebrities who are mocked endlessly for their public goof ups.

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What Trump’s Victory Says Loud And Clear: Women, You Do Not Matter Much!

Donald Trump's victory tells us so much about what America thinks about women - that their lives and dignity does not matter much!

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Rape Videos, A New Low In Society

The news that rape videos are made and sold in some parts of UP, is extremely disturbing. It reflects a new low in society and sends shivers down the spine.

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Movie ‘Pink’: The Male Ego Can’t Accept The Word ‘No’ #MovieReview

This author says that being a victim in our nation is not a cakewalk, as you not only have to fight the perpetrator but the society as a whole. The movie- Pink rightly highlights this issue. 

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