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Why The Hell Are So Many Men Boycotting The Gillette Ad?

Posted: January 17, 2019

“Boys will be boys”? Isn’t it time we stopped excusing bad behaviour? Re-think and take action by joining us at #TheBestMenCanBe. Gillette has come out with a wonderful ad advocating that it takes only a handful of men to challenge toxic masculinity and be role models for the younger generation.

Who would have thought that this message has hurt the egotism of men so much that many are boycotting the product?

There are men who feel that the ad is showing them in the wrong light replaying the #notallmen scenario at a different level. It is fact that the weaker sections of society are heckled, bullied and abused but there are men out there who are offended when they are reminded about it – displaying their selective ignorance or inherent arrogance or both. A simple ad championing action against bullying and harassment has triggered their masculinity to an extent that they are flushing Gillette razors down.

“Isn’t it time companies STOPPED PISSING OFF THEIR CUSTOMERS and kissing the asses of liberals? I know I won’t be buying your products any longer.”
“Been with your company for over 35 years, you just lost one of your most loyal customers. Don’t preach to me about how I should act!! Goodbye Gillette!!”
“It’s open season on men. For now.”
“Gillette thought it would be cute joining the war on men, being hyper-PC and scoring brownie points from radical, far-left crazies.”
“We’ll put our money where our mouths are.”
“Watch as your sales plunge. Guaranteed.”

These are some of the ‘decently angry’ comments posted by men, not to mention the not so decent comments by hurt men.

While many advertising companies objectify female models, here Gillette is bravely championing a rightful cause and some men have gone berserk over it. The ad shows that for decades, centuries even, toxic masculinity has been written off as just “boys being boys” and it is time for men to come forward to correct this. Instead, men are out there displaying more of their toxic masculinity. It’s exceptional and laudable for Gillette to implements corporate social responsibility into its business approach.

The reactions validate why such ads need to be made and how It has triggered many in the target audience – men with fragile egos.
While there are men (thankfully) who have applauded the ad it makes one think why so many men are so victimised by an ad asking us not to overlook bad behaviour under the guise of “that’s just what they’ll do”.

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