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Deeksha Tripathi

I'm Deeksha- mommy of a little girl, a school teacher by profession and a blogger by passion. I love reading and writing real-life motivational stories of women who never ever gave up in their lives! Come and feel special on my blog wonderfulwoman.in as I truly believe 'Every Woman is Wonderful'...!

Voice of Deeksha Tripathi

Survivors Of Rape Are Humans Too – It’s High Time We Treated Them Like That!

Very often the victims of any sort of a sexual crime are the ones being blamed for it. Shouldn't we be normalising them instead of outcasting them?

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How Does It Feel To Be A Working Mom?

Please stop judging a working mom as it is the most difficult role a woman can assume-dividing herself between her work and a piece of her heart.

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I Am The Perfectly Imperfect Person And I Love It!

Nobody is perfect in this world. Everyone is trying to do his best and so are you.

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Women, You’re My Only Support – Why Sexual Assault Victims Need Support And Not Blame!

For years, victim blaming has been a common way to go about after a crime takes place. It's high time we change that and support them. Here's why.

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I Am A Feminist And Proud Of It – Here’s Why You Should Be Too!

While a number of people support feminism, they are reluctant to be called feminists. Here's why it makes no sense to dislike being called a feminist!

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Why Indians Fail To See The Beauty of Dark Skinned Women?

No country in the world discriminates so much on the basis of skin color as we Indians do.

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Aisha Chaudhary
Aisha Chaudhary: A Life Lost Too Soon But A Name That Will Live On

Aisha Chaudhary was a young girl who died when she was just 18-year-old, but her thoughts, published in a book My Little Epiphanies, make us truly think about our lives.

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I Am Not Impure

I did not become IMPURE as I was used by some pervert men like I am an object to satisfy their lust.

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‘I Am Beautiful’.. A Poem Dedicated To Acid Attack Survivors

There are extremely strong women like Laxmi Agarwal and Anmol Rodriquez who did not give up hope of living inspiring lives even after being acid-attacked.

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Who Killed Beauty Blogger Amna Atiq?

Amna Atiq, a well known beauty blogger, was trapped in a domestically violent marriage, and pushed back into it by a father more concerned about his 'social image'. 

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being a mom
Beti Bachao… What? Here’s Why Indian Parents Don’t Want Daughters

India is still a long way from creating a safe space for women, despite the beti bachao rhetoric. Here is why the author thinks Indians don't want daughters. 

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