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‘I Am Beautiful’.. A Poem Dedicated To Acid Attack Survivors

Posted: September 30, 2019

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Acid attacks are very common in India. These attacks reveal the huge gender-gap prevailing in our country. Even though, there are lots of efforts being made by the government of India and some social activists to bridge this gap and bring women at par with men in every field, the age-old ego of men in this country especially of those who are lesser educated, makes them feel women are just objects made for their fun. If a man likes any girl and proposes her and she refuses his proposal as she doesn’t like him, he sometimes takes out his revenge and satisfies his ego by destroying the girl’s face through acid attack. Of course, there are a number of other reasons as well responsible for such attacks but here I have mentioned one of the most common reasons for such cowardly attacks, intended to rob off a girl of her beauty and confidence.

There are extremely strong women like Laxmi Agarwal and Anmol Rodriquez who did not give up hope of living inspiring lives even after being acid-attacked. These women are shining examples of a woman’s strength and their true beauty. I have dedicated a short poem to such amazing women with the aim to tell the world that women are far more stronger than such coward men who attack them and that they can NEVER be robbed of their beauty and confidence! Here it is:

I Am Beautiful

People call me ugly and kids are scared of me,I have deep scars all over my body and face,

When I look at my old pics I am not able to recognize myself,

I look normal as any other girl,

These scars and this pain is the result of my saying NO to a man who wanted to own me,

Should I regret saying NO to that man double my age?

Should I regret being a girl?

Should I believe the world which calls me ugly?

No, I don’t regret anything, I don’t think that I am ugly!

I have a beautiful loving heart and a forgiving soul.

I forgive the man who caused me this pain and I forgive those who want to make me feel ugly not because they deserve forgiveness but because I deserve my peace of mind!

I am beautiful and no one can make me feel ugly…

I love myself and feel proud to be who I am- a woman, a wonderful woman!

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I'm Deeksha- mommy of a little girl, a school teacher by profession and a

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