I Am The Perfectly Imperfect Person And I Love It!

Nobody is perfect in this world. Everyone is trying to do his best and so are you.

How many times have you been told by your boss, family, friends, and critics that you have this bad habit or you lack in this thing or that thing and you almost believed them making yourself feel incapable? Well, many times. Right? Now here is the thing about feeling guilty, incapable and insufficient about yourself- you start thinking you don’t deserve anything good in your life. It takes a toll on your mental and physical health turning people’s negative perception of you into a reality! To avoid such a breakdown, you must realize being perfectly imperfect isn’t something to be embarrassed by rather you should embrace all your imperfections and feel at peace with them. Instead of feeling worthless, see yourself like someone you love deeply. When we are in love, we love each and everything about that person whether they are actually good or not. Give yourself the same treatment. Show love and respect to yourself, forgive yourself when committing some silly mistakes and give yourself another chance to improve!

If we become kind, compassionate, loving and caring towards ourselves, we can give back the same to the people around us. If we are bitter and judge ourselves all the time, we will give the same negativity to our loved ones. So, if you want to be someone who is truly caring, you must start it with yourself. A person who feels self-satisfied and at peace with himself can do wonders in his life. On the other hand, a person who keeps cursing himself for the things he couldn’t achieve in life becomes a source of negative vibes. No one likes to be in his company. He starts hating himself. To give love- we must store love in ourselves. You can not be a perfect person but you can definitely become a good person.

You can start the process of falling in love with yourself by forgiving yourself for the tasks you couldn’t do, for the commitments you couldn’t fulfil, for all those little things you so much wanted to accomplish but could not. Feel sympathy for yourself-understand and acknowledge the fact not everyone can be perfect in all the roles of his life. It’s okay not to be the best employee at your workplace or a wife who is working and taking care of the family without any complaints. You are a normal human being, not God. Your health can be down, you may have mood swings, you may feel reluctant to do your duties on a particular day and all of this okay. Take rest, relax, cool down and take time to appreciate all the things you are doing in life. Even if you feel ‘imperfect’, it’s okay. Nobody is perfect in this world. Everyone is trying to do his best and so are you. Don’t insult yourself by comparing yourself and your life with others. You have been created by God to serve a purpose in life. You are doing your best to serve that purpose and this is sufficient to feel worthy of love and respect.

So, ladies, the next time you start feeling like someone who is good for nothing, unable to take the stress of life and shrinking into depression, hug yourself, wipe your tears, and treat yourself like someone you love a lot. Take a bite of your favorite chocolate, close your eyes and say thanks to God for whatever good things you have in your life and manifest positive things coming your way. Say proudly, I’m Perfectly Imperfect and love it.

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