Time to Live Life the Way We Should Have Been!

I am sure one day we will look back at these times and smile for being the survivors.

Nowadays all we can think about is only and only Coronavirus! This deadly virus has taken a toll on our lifestyle, our physical and mental health. All of us are trapped in our homes watching heartbreaking news of deaths and loss from all corners of the world on our televisions. All-day long we live in constant fear of catching the deadly disease and being one of the unlucky ones who are hit by it. We keep washing our hands and sanitizing all the things around us for minimizing the possibility of being a corona case. Doesn’t it make you feel like being a person who has forgotten to live life and enjoy it? Well, in my case I sometimes do feel so. So, let’s find out what can we do in these tough times to make ourselves feel refreshed and energized.

Feel Thankful

In these difficult times, when we are staying indoors continuously for days together amid the coronavirus fears, everyone is bound to feel depressed at times. Even I was feeling a little low and in depression just yesterday. Though I am a full time working mom and I felt great when I heard I have got much needed and strongly desired long holidays, once I actually started living life in a ‘lockdown’ situation, I felt I was getting no time for myself. I gave paid leave to my maid in order she too gets some rest and doesn’t get exposed to ‘the virus’ so I have to a lot of extra work at home plus I sanitize each and everything like a frantic in order to keep the Corona at bay. So, contrary to my expectations of enjoying fun holidays at home, I am actually working more than ever, getting no time for fun and rest! But, but, but… when I think about the poor homeless people who don’t have a roof over their head and can’t stock up the essential food items as we have done, I actually feel how blessed we are! It’s time we feel thankful for all that we have ’cause there are millions who don’t have the luxury of being in a home and having two meals a day! Think and reflect.

Pray Daily

In the rat race of earning money, arranging all possible luxuries for ourselves and our loved ones, working day and night we were not getting time to think about our life and its real purpose. We were living a meaningless life. We were not thinking about where will we go after our death? Coronavirus fear has given us all a chance to look at life in a different way. Now we all have started taking life seriously. We are feeling deep inside us, we can actually die very soon! This feeling forces us to think about what will happen after we die? Where will our soul go? And this thought has brought us closer to the base of our existence- Almighty God. I request you all reading this post to please pray daily for yourself and this entire world as it will lessen your fear of death and also make you feel close to your God giving you immense peace.

Do What You Love

Though we have to work hard all day long as we have to take maximum care of our health and keeping our surroundings completely clean, yet we all do get some time to relax and enjoy. These are the days when you can actually do what you love doing! You can read, write, sing, paint, dance, cook, draw, binge watch tv or anything that you always wanted to do but couldn’t do in lack of time. You can even learn something new by watching YouTube or searching it on google. Utilize this time on improving your skills and doing things you love ’cause if God wishes these times won’t last long!

Be Humane

These tough times have given you a golden opportunity to serve humanity. Recently, in our country India we are seeing poor migrant workers going from one city to the other on foot along with their poor innocent kids. These heart-wrenching scenes can make anyone cry. Hunger and poverty-stricken some of these are dying on the roads due to exhaustion. I request you all, please do whatever little help you can to help poor people around you. Your little help will go a long way toward fulfilling someone’s basic needs.

‘Tough times don’t last; don’t people do’. Keep trying to save yourself and your family from this deadly disease by taking all possible precautions and the following government guidelines, I am sure one day we will look back at these times and smile for being the survivors. We don’t have to forget the life lessons we have got in these times of world-epidemic to become better human beings and to value our lives more than ever!

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