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I Am Not Impure

Posted: October 10, 2019

I am a woman with an extremely sensitive heart; a heart which feels everyone’s pains deeply. I love all living beings and get deeply disturbed when I see or hear anyone hurting another human being, an animal, a tree or any other living being. I feel really blessed by God to have got such emotions in myself. One issue related to women in India which I feel very strongly for is the attitude of Indian society towards the girls and women who have been sexually abused or raped. We as a society fail miserably if we are unable to show any respect, love, and care to those girls and women who need it the most after going through the trauma of being abused. I have written a short poem- the first poem of my life to prove a survivor can never be blamed for the wrong done to her and for God’s sake stop calling rape victims ‘Impure’! They are not!!


I am NOT Impure!

They say You are IMPURE because you were robbed off your virginity by not just one but many,

They say hide your face, hide your identity,

You are a victim, you are weak!

But I refuse to believe that I AM Impure ‘cause I know my heart and my soul are still Pure!

No, I did not become IMPURE as my clothes were ripped off by some wolves and I was pounded over like I’m a piece of meat.

I did not become IMPURE as I was used by some pervert men like I am an object to satisfy their lust.

I call all those monsters Impure as they have made their hearts and souls tainted!

I don’t feel pity for myself but pity for them who have brought themselves down to the level of beasts!

I am proud to be a fighter and a survivor.

I am proud to be a woman- a wonderful woman!

First published here.

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I'm Deeksha- mommy of a little girl, a school teacher by profession and a

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