Newsflash! If Boys Think A Girl Wants To Marry A Pervert Who Has Been Stalking Her, They Need A Re-Think!

Boys think stalking her will win a girl over, but that isn’t true – ‘serenading’ a woman a la movies is pure harassment if she does not want it. 

Men check out women and make her feel uncomfortable. Stalk her in all the ways possible. Invade her to get her intimate details, touch her to do romance as he saw in the movies. Will do his best to get her, and when she says no will take it on his ego. And will throw acid to show his masculine superiority.

Movies dramatize life. The storylines make us cry, laugh, vent our anger. The fantasies we create in our mind, where everything is according to our will are taken to heart by the male lot. They think that what happens in movies can happen in the real world too. This is amongst the major cons of the movies.

All the misogynistic, stalking, harassing shown in the movies when taken seriously in the real life becomes a nightmare for girls and women.

When a girl says no it means a big “NO”. That means no forcing, no grabbing. It means go away and never ever bother us. We can wear short dresses, tight-fit jeans and whatever we wish to. We can go to clubs and bars late night. We can talk to any man we like in friendly fashion but that doesn’t mean that it is an invitation to our bedroom. A lady can have a drink or two, she can be sexually experienced but still, a no is a “NO”. And please get over the with ‘aisi ladkiyon ke saath toh aisa hi hota hai’.

According to Indian cinema if a girl is being chased and stalked in just the duration of one song she falls in love. But do you really think that pervert who scared the crap out of her will be the person she will marry? According to Bollywood if you shower gifts upon her and follow her around everywhere, serenading her, you get the girl.

But with time these chases have become more offensive. Recurrent cases of murders, rape, acid attacks, harassment, are the gifts nowadays when a girl says NO. This is what she gets when she rejected someone’s proposal. This what you call love?

There is nothing romantic about being followed by a bunch of loafers. These dirt bags of society are just making the life of women more difficult day by day. Why don’t they understand the girl going alone in the night from the office can be your sister too? Those women going home after late night party can be your wife too? And even if she isn’t, she’s a human being deserving of her dignity.

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