We Are Women, We Wish We Could Say This Without Fear!

We are women and we love being one, but why does this imply that we should expect less? Why can you freely voice your opinions while we...

We are Women.
And we wish we could say this without any fear.
We love our body, and it is not on a display, and we are tired of thinking what “they” may do.

We are women.
And we love being one.
But why does this imply that we should expect less?
Why can you freely voice your opinions, while our’s were always silenced?

We are women.
And we all have our distinct personalities and interests.
We want to be able to wear whatever we choose without fear of “consequences”.

We are women.
Why do we have to shameful of being one?
Being a woman does not make us any less of a person or make us “prey”.
When we walk around alone, we have the right to feel protected.

We are a woman.
Even though you had your ways, but why does society blame us?
It was not the fault of our clothes, nor our smiles. It was all you,
your upbringing, and your character but still we were scared, not you.

We are women.
We don’t sit around feeling sad and sorry for ourselves
nor do we let people mistreat us.
We don’t respond to those who dictate us or try to bring us down
If we fall, We rise even stronger because we are a survivor and not a victim.
We have complete power over our lives, and there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

We are women.
We made up our mind that no matter what comes our way,
no matter how difficult life becomes, no matter how
unfair the world is, We will do more than simply survive,
We will thrive and shine despite it.

We are women.
We are that chess piece whose every move is precise and calculated
We are the queen, powerful and strong

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We are women.
Yes, we are.
But before that, we are Human as well.
Just like you.
All women deserve to be treated with the same respect and decency that men do,
Every single one of us has the right to feel safe.

Image Source: Fat Camera from Getty Images Signature, Canva Pro

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