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And Now I’ll No Longer Cry, And Will Take My Destiny Into My Hands

Posted: May 18, 2020

While juggling multiple roles, don’t forget you are important too.  Make yourself a priority because no one else will with #KhayaalRakhna

Told through her childhood that things will turn out well and that she will get all the help needed to do what she wants, the poet has been waiting. Now taking her destiny in her hands.

My childhood was so innocent. I believed every lie people told me about life. I was told you will get help in life so that you reach your destiny.

Hi, I am still waiting for that help by the way.

I was and am the most confused person. I don’t know what life has planned for me. But I am done waiting for the sign and guide. I will make my own type of destiny and will reach it on my terms.

I walk alone in the balcony
I look into the sky
I’m scared to see those heights
this fear has tormented me
How many times before
Could someone care?

When the whole world turned their back
I knew I’d get nowhere
Do I believe in people?
History is the biggest liar
you came alone and
alone you will go
The truth is you came with hope
and you will leave in despair
The daily defeat in life
have made me cold stone
Do I believe in myself, ooh
The lies I was told of youth
You will be happy. Period!

Beside an empty house
and empty heart
How many times before
I could tell nobody cares?
When I reach to sleep
And I knew loneliness is what
I am sleeping with
My eyes are crimson and
Blurry is my vision
Just like is my future
How many times will I
taste failure before reaching
that destiny I deserve?

You have grown up now
nothing will give you peace
but yourself
You always thought you are lost
but you were waiting to be found
Now go find yourself before anyone else do
Because this is “The walk of life” your walk of life
which you entered with the hope
and will not leave in despair.

Life is hard
you wanna cry?
cry your heart out
but next day smile,
smile because you left that
wrong done to you in the past
Now wander inside your head alone
and find where you want to be
and who you want to be
everything is there within.

Walk the life with not the lying tales of youth
but with finding joy in the story you are living

Image source: pixabay

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