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Finding Myself…Slowly I Can See What I am Becoming & What I am Yet To Be!

My thoughts on finding oneself! 'You can't remember how the pain started/And you don't know when will it end/But all you know is you want to stand up again...'

My thoughts on finding oneself! ‘You can’t remember how the pain started/And you don’t know when will it end/But all you know is you want to stand up again…’

Finding Myself…

They say good things happen to good people,
Happiness finds them but I saw sadness finding them as well,
Just when they thought they have made it through,
the darkness sneaked upon them,
It had the key to all locked away feelings’ vault,
It picks up all one by one,
Ones which you thought didn’t even exist,
One moment you were standing on safe grounds,
The other you find yourself standing over the air,
The whole life spent passes by you,
In blurs of people you loved, people you cared about,
All the colors and sounds,
Now nothing around you makes sense,
Everything is decimating your soul,
You can’t remember how the pain started,
And you don’t know when will it end,
But all you know is you want to stand up again,
And you’d give anything to forget that sadness,
This feeling of never-ending fall,
Which sapped out the meaning of life,
And took all the good memories you had,
But when you are at the nadir,
You don’t even try to look up,
You are left with nothing but tears,
People said, ‘Save yourself’,
Speaking about happiness and hope,
But if they would’ve let down a rope,
It would’ve been a lot easier,
But the pain was mine I didn’t want it to end,
Although it broke me every day it kept me sane,
I was looking for one thing that would let my sad soul free,
I did stumble upon it,
Because I stopped asking for directions,
Directions to my life, where people have never been to,
And slowly I can see and believe in what I am becoming,
And what I am yet to be.


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I just give voice to my thoughts and write my heart out. I am a simple photographer of my views. I know just one thing, nothing is wrong or right. JUST WRITE. read more...

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