Embrace Your Loneliness For It Will Help You Understand And Love Yourself!

Your true self is one no-one can take away from you. People don't easily agree that they are lonely because they fear judgement. But lonely is the new norm.

Your true self is one no-one can take away from you. People don’t easily agree that they are lonely because they fear judgement. But lonely is the new norm.

These days, loneliness is like a disease. I have a thousand or so friends on Facebook. But in real life, it feels like I have been fired from the friendship for not turning up on time quite regularly.

The irony of Facebook is it has millions of people on it but it is the loneliest of all. I always was a very people kind of person but now in this charismatic city called Mumbai, the state of being solo comes as a welcome gift. Crowds feel baffling to me. It’s like moving through a mass of people in the market of a new city.

It’s a new day and a new challenge

I have to find my breath first. But, the pounding heart warns me that I’m thrilled to make these memories. I breathe into excitement. It is challenging to move to a new place that has a different language, culture, food and people. However, it does teach you to be independent and you feel so much more powerful once you do it.

That’s the true self that no-one can take away from you. People don’t easily agree that they are lonely because they fear judgement. But lonely is the new norm. ‘I have good friends but I am still lonely’ is the scene nowadays.

Isolation is in the mind and it doesn’t depend on other beings: it means there is a void in yourself. People are surrounded by thousands of people and yet, they are alone. If your soul is whole and your mindset is positive about life, you’re not single or lonely.

Spend time with yourself, it teaches you a lot

It’s important to spend time with yourself. We all have ups and downs- good days and bad and each time that happens, we are scared. When we’re happy, we fear losing the momentary happy trail. And when we’re sad, we are afraid of being broken. So to sway those feelings away, we binge-watch Netflix, drink or roll a joint. We do everything to suppress those feelings and keep them suppressed. But if you keep in touch with your loneliness, you will learn more about yourself.

The person you truly are is within yourself, not outside. Stop looking outside because some dreams may or may not come true. Start looking inside yourself and be awake within and fulfil what you’re made for. Discover the journey of finding your true self.

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A great cure to my loneliness had been reading and writing. When I was unable to make human friends, I made books my companions. It introduced me to a number of new and imaginary people who are very important to me. These people are different than I am, but they are the ones who taught me a number of life lessons. It is great to meet these inventive characters while reading. I believe we all have this one thing in common, we all want someone to read us. I envy those characters because they are being read by me.

If you’re lonely and sad, reading is the best thing you can do. It helps you realise that if you want something enough, you will find a way to do it.

Childhood was so good, we had countless friends. It seems like growing old comes with the cost of losing friends. I have learned that you need to have something planned, otherwise a weekend can seem like a lifetime. Solitude is a vacation for the soul.

Loneliness is a way to feed your soul too!

When you are hungry, your body gives you a signal and maybe you can deal with that hunger for a while. But there’s this thirst you feel, the one lingering inside you from way in the past, this is the sign that your dehydrated body needs water right away!

I believe that it is the same with the soul. It copes up as much as it can with its thirst but by the time we understand this, it’s too late. The soul is already dehydrated and you’ve lost your emotional balance. And to restore this inner imbalance, it is important to have inner growth and renewal.

But making a time table to restore the balance is not the solution, either. You need to let it happen on its own. Or else, you end up in a never-ending loop of being busy!

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