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She Was Not Alone, But Left With The Emptiness Of Being Lonely

Everyday, while sucking the nectar out, the bee took away a small piece of life from her yet the flower wished to remain in his toxic company.


Everyday, while sucking the nectar out, the bee took away a small piece of life from her yet the flower wished to remain in his toxic company.

Expectations from wrong individuals always lead to disappointments and a disappointed heart loses infinite hope. The saddest part is that it doesn’t want to be cured. It is really difficult to come out of such darkness and start life once again.

There was a beautiful blackberry flower small, fragile and pale white in colour. She grew in a lively garden where flowers of different breed grew together. She was grateful to the nature who endowed her with beauty, fragrance and life.

The vast sky spread over made her feel happier and free but distant walls prompted her to think beyond. She wanted to explore more. Many times, She tried asking her neighbouring flowers about the life outside garden but sadly, they couldn’t answer. She kept wondering what life would be outside the garden. Her stillness and strong attachments with the roots limited her from fulfilling her dream.

The curiosity and desire to explore the unknown often made her restless. She felt stuck and bored from the views of the same old views of sky, walls, gardener and neighbouring flowers.

One day she saw swarm of honey bees coming towards the garden. All the young flowers including the blackberry got scared and tried to hide themselves. The blackberry too hid beneath the leaves to protect herself.

The bees wandered over the field for some time and went back. In the meanwhile, a bee got trapped in the bush and stuck between the thin branches of a plant. All the efforts of coming out went in vain.

Blackberry flower, scared once, soon figured out that the bee needed help. Out of pity, she started to move to and fro continuously. Fortunately, the motion released the bee from the bush and it ran away from the fields immediately.

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Blackberry felt bad and got upset. She was expecting the bee to be grateful and talk to her. Tell her about the life outside the garden, their challenges and other stuffs. But, there was no one around.

Next day, bees invaded the garden again. Blackberry recognized the bee and invited him to stop by. The bee gazed at the flower, sat on it and started sucking the nectar out. She tried talking to him but failed to communicate. She mumbled with all her efforts but the bee didn’t respond and fled away after sucking nectar to its fullest.

The sweet innocent flower was taken aback by this mean and unfair behaviour. She was silent and speechless. One question kept haunting her, is this the way world returns favour of saving someone’s life?

Next day when the bees visited the garden, the bee buzzed hovering over the flower. She misunderstood that the bee wants to talk to her.

It is well said that “you always see the world, the way you are, not the way world is!” She started to unfurl slowly by moving her white petals aside appearing more beautiful than ever. As soon as she unfurled, a sweet smell spread all over attracting the bee more towards her. As usual, bee sat and took away all the nectar from it.

Now, the dilemma with the flower was that she felt good in bee’s company as she was not alone but a kind of emptiness was also felt to her. It was getting difficult to choose between the boredom felt in loneliness and the emptiness felt in the company. It was harder for her to let go so she chose to remain with the bee.

From that day onward, she allowed the bee to take away nectar if that is cost she needed to pay to be with him.

Emptiness was slowly killing her yet she refused to admit it. Everyday, while sucking the nectar out, the bee took away a small piece of life from her yet the flower wished to remain in his toxic company. She failed to understand that not everyone in life is meant to stay. She thought that if her sacrifice is making the bee happy then its worth it but forgot that nothing is worth it if you aren’t happy.

One should never dissatisfy oneself to satisfy others.

Gradually, she got addicted to the bee and was unable to imagine her life without him. One fine day, the bee took away the last bit of nectar and fled away to never come back. The flower waited in vain but, the season was over and bees were gone forever. The flower shriveled in memory.

It’s true that holding on and hanging in there are signs of strength but many times it is wise to let go.

Image source: a still from the movie English Vinglish

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