Just Because I Am A Boy…! [#Poetry]

Posted: September 5, 2016

Patriarchy is hard on boys and men too – they are stereotyped too, and trapped in gender roles some might not want. After all, not all boys are bad boys!

A girl’s story is written and read by many. But life is not easy for anyone, not even for boys. This piece below is just a perception which should be given some weightage as there’s a possibility for everything.

I see the world,
Spinning around a woman’s life
Her selection, her pride
Her safety, her right
There’s no provision for me to prevent
It’s always their fight.

They say every guy is not the same
You can find one who is different
But no one ever tries
They never give anyone a chance
So how can I prove, I am that Exception?
It’s not a movie,
No one can see it in my eyes.

I never want to hurt anyone,
I have never done any harm.
I never tease, I never stare
When I see a girl…
It’s just because I admire.
I get cursed everyday
Every day, by a different girl
They all think my thoughts are impure
Though I never spoke a word
It’s not written on my face
It’s something pre-decided
Maybe it’s my fate
I got to bear the consequences
Because of wrong done by the male-race.
A girl get teased by some other guy
And I get to bear the pain all my life.

I could have been spared
There are some who are…
They are the ones who are smart or rich
How can I be spared?
Middle class, dark complexion, average guy
But does that mean I am not even worth a try.

Not only females have a burdened life
I got to support my family,
I am hearing this since I was a child
That I am their only hope, I have to provide
I have to protect my sister
Got to pick her and drop her everyday
But I can’t drop my female-friend
Because it would somehow spoil my family’s pride,
And it’s a long chain of how it can affect my sister’s married life
I also got to think everyday…
What that world will say if I got a girl by my side
Who is just a friend by the way…
But for society this is not right.

I didn’t get the girl I like because I am not smart
And I got beaten up, when I even tried.
I also feel my life is miserable
I got a job that I hate
I can’t make excuse of getting late
Coz I am not a girl, I’m not gonna get raped!?

My parents are all over my head
They want me to get married
But every girl wants a guy with a flat tummy
They love vampires but are scared of a normal guy!!!

Everyone sees me like I am strong
With no emotions inside
I also wanna cry, I also wanna share
I can’t always take it light
Boys are not meant to share and cry
Like they aren’t human
And I don’t have a girl too for that by my side
Just because I am not a girl
I am not spared by the plight of life.

But at the end of the day
I don’t wanna conquer the world
I just want to convey…
Don’t judge me
Just because I am a boy
I can be that ‘Exception’
Just let me try…

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Image source: pixabay

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