You Were Just A Kid, And You Didn’t Know What He Did Wasn’t Right

Child sexual abuse usually happens at the hands of a known person, and a child might not know what is happening, and might not have the words to express it. Empower them to speak up.

Child sexual abuse usually happens at the hands of a known person, and a child might not know what is happening, and might not have the words to express it. Empower them to speak up.

You were playful
You were pure
Unknown to facts, at the age of eight
Truth from you was obscured

He was your own
He was family
And when no-one was home
He took you in arms
Sitting on the couch
Said you are such a good child
And showed you a little pouch

He kissed you and touched you
And asked you not to tell anyone
How he loved you…
Coz that’s the secret you two will share
And he’ll always be there
To get you all the things
That were on your mind

Once you spoke up
Mother, he kisses very hard
And he did bite
That makes your neck pain
To which she replied,
“He is your uncle na!
He just loves you
Be nice.”

You were just a kid
How could you tell someone?
You didn’t know that it wasn’t right
Now you are 20
You still feel it all the time
You can’t get rid of those thoughts
You get scared inside
When someone tries to hold your hand
You wonder
If you’ll ever be fine!

Now you sit in front of the mirror
Telling yourself all this
Telling to let go
It wasn’t your fault
You didn’t know that it wasn’t right

You still want to ask
You mother, father
And your sister
Why weren’t they more aware?
Why didn’t they care?
When you told them
What all he is getting you
Why didn’t they ask?
At what price?

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This world is a fake face
When they told you not to trust strangers
Why did they not tell you?
What’s wrong that someone can do?
No matter if they are family
Why didn’t you get to know it in time?

Now that you sit everyday
Looking at yourself.
You see the distance
It brought
Between you and your life
That can’t be fulfilled
By any condolence
Any human, place
Or time
No words can make it right
And you don’t want anything else
But just want to know
Instead of just saying
Stay away from strangers
Why no one makes sure
That a kid also knows
What’s wrong and what’s right?


Author’s Note: The statistics of child abuse are really high but still it is neglected by most of us. We don’t talk about it. So how will we ensure that our child is safe? We think that our relatives and family friends are trustworthy. But we cannot deny the capabilities of human mind and that everyone has some other self that is unknown to others. Child abuse is not just about some serious torture. It can be physical, sexual, or psychological. Anything to any extend that affects your child in a negative manner is abuse. We need to know about it and find out ways to prevent it. I write this to spread the same message. I read online “A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds.” Who knows how many are there which are not reported? Don’t be ignorant enough that it cannot happen to your child or in your house. Aware yourself.

Image source: unsplash

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