A Vision Every Mother Should Pass On [Poem]

Teach your daughter to have confidence in herself, that she can face any challenge with courage, no matter what the world throws at her. 

She was just thirteen,

When she asked…

With sparkling brown eyes,

“Mommy, why is the world so scary?”



And her mother replied,

“So what if it is?

I’ll make you bold enough,

I’ll help you get tough.

So you can walk with your head held high,

Even when nobody stands by.

You will face every situation,

You’ll find your salvation.

And be so strong and brave,

Monsters will have to hide in their graves.

You’ll leave the world all startled,

Everyone’s gonna be marveled.

And that’s when they’ll ask you,

The secret of your strength.

And this is what you’ll tell them,

That’s my mommy who made me strong,

Those words are all that I want.

And I’ll be so proud of you,

That’s what you and I should look forward to.”












Now that girl’s 27,

And she’s at a conference.

Where she says,

“I wish every woman can be like my mommy,

So that every girl can be me.

And then the world will be so merry,

That no thirteen year old,

Will ever find it scary.”

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Image source: Kritika Mehta.

Header image source: mother and teenage daughter by Shutterstock.

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