Kritika Mehta

I am in IT by profession. But my soul lies in writing and art. I want to share my thoughts from personal experiences or observations to bring certain things in people's notice that are generally neglected.

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You Were Just A Kid, And You Didn’t Know What He Did Wasn’t Right

Child sexual abuse usually happens at the hands of a known person, and a child might not know what is happening, and might not have the words to express it. Empower them to speak up.

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Nothing In Her Eyes: A Poem On The Life Of The ‘Normal Girl’

In this captivating poem, ‘Nothing In Her Eyes’, the author describes how a normal girl, becomes a victim of atrocities in her own family.  Drowned in the depths of silence, few unsaid words rolled down her eyes. She prayed for a cover, to obscure the darks of her mind. None came to rescue, so she […]

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Just Because I Am A Boy…! [#Poetry]

Patriarchy is hard on boys and men too - they are stereotyped too, and trapped in gender roles some might not want. After all, not all boys are bad boys!

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A Vision Every Mother Should Pass On [Poem]

Teach your daughter to have confidence in herself, that she can face any challenge with courage, no matter what the world throws at her. 

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They Didn’t Allow Us To Stay together. And Forced Us To Check Out.

Live-in relationships in India have been legalized but it seems like that's only on paper. They still face persecution in many day-to-day situations.

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She Didn’t Know Me. Yet She Helped Me In My Time Of Need

Transgenders are often looked at with fear, mistrust, and sometimes even disgust. But they are as human as everyone, if only we understand it.

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