Is It Time We Upgraded To Rakshabandhan Version 2.0? [#WomenOnTheMove Chat]

Let's redefine traditions! The Rakshabandhan version we have right now surely needs change, said our readers in our weekly Twitter Chat, #WomenOnTheMove.

Let’s redefine traditions! The Rakshabandhan version we have right now surely needs change, said our readers in our weekly Twitter Chat, #WomenOnTheMove.

Long ago, a fierce battle raged between the gods and demons. The gods were on the verge of losing the battle. It was then that Indrani, wife of god Indra (the King of gods) tied a bracelet on the wrist of her husband to protect him from all evils. The story goes that the next day Indra won the battle.

Coming down to earth, sometime in the 16th century the sultan of Gujarat -Bahadur Shah, attacked Chittor, the capital of Mewar. The queen Karnavati of Mewar sent a bejewelled Rakhi to Mughal King Humayun seeking his help. Though it is said that Humayun accepted this tender gesture of the queen, he could not save her.

Raksha Bandhan signifies this. The book Hanklyn-Janklin by Nigel B. Hankin defines Raksha Bandhan as a custom from Rajput times where a sister ties this thread for protection – protection not only for herself but also for her brother from all misfortunes.

Over the years, the latter interpretation has got lost. The festival today just signifies the bond between the brother and sister and with the added message that the sister ties this thread for her protection.

Earlier this week, we had our weekly #Womenonthemove chat over at Twitter, and this is what we discussed. And we realized what this  festival signifies to the modern women of today. (If you’re not yet following Women’s Web on Twitter, do now, and you can come over for the chat too, every Thursday 6-7PM IST).

Traditional meanings does not hold true!

Raksha Bandhan promoting Patriarchy?

Brands adding masala too!

Time traditions got updated!

What about single kids?

At the end of the day!


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