These Desilicious Food Bloggers From India Bust Some Common Myths About Indian Food

Indian food is all about curry. And it's spicy. No, it's not! These desilicious food bloggers from India are doing their bit to demolish these myths about Indian food.

Indian food is all about curry. And it’s spicy. No, it’s not! These desilicious food bloggers from India are doing their bit to demolish these myths about Indian food.

In an interesting series that the team here at Women’s Web recently ran along with Licious, we celebrated these creative food bloggers from India. Each of these Indian food bloggers has done a stellar job in taking Indian cuisines all over the world. With Independence Day being a highlight of August, the Licious team had launched a line of delicious meats and seafood with desi marinades. It was fitting therefore that we celebrate bloggers who love food that is true to its roots – and delicious!

We got these talented food bloggers talking on what they love about Indian food, and the one myth about Indian food that they’d like to lay to rest for ever. Here’s what they had to say.

Raksha Kamat


Noted for her authentic Goan recipes, Raksha Kamat is of the opinion that Indian food is not just the hot and spicy stuff, but a delicious mix of spices and souring agents which makes this cuisine unique in the world. She shares simple traditional recipes at her blog Raksha’s Kitchen encouraging readers to discover more about old forgotten Goan recipes.

Nagalakshmi V


Nagalakshmi, known as Naga to her friends and followers believes that taste need not be dependent on making the dish spicy and cream need not always be added to gravies to give it that extra richness. This food blogger passionately says that simple dishes with at most five ingredients can be tasty too. She blogs simple, everyday recipes at Edible Garden.

Sweta Biswal

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A food blogger with a desi heart, Sweta blogs about Odia cuisines which she believes are low in calories, easy to prepare and good to eat. She adds that the cuisine is an example of “Less is  More philosophy and is all about retaining and enhancing the natural taste of vegetables and meat using minimal spices” – something that very few people outside Orissa know about. One of the winners at the Sugar-free Dessert Challenge Finale hosted and judged by Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor, she passionately blogs at Oriyarasoi.

Madhushree Basu Roy


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Madhushree’s passion is to bring forward the traditional recipes to the world with a bit of modern or personal twist whenever she can. She loves cooking as is evident in her blog and asserts that Bengali cuisine is much more than just ‘macher jhol’. She says, “It is rich and complex in its flavors and very varied from region to region within Bengal itself.” She blogs at Pikturenama.

Donna George

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Donna George believes that Indian cuisine is healthy as it has a high proportion of fresh fruits and vegetables in the various dishes and uses a variety of spices with proven health benefits. A blogger whose heart lies in portraying Kerala cuisine she grew up fascinated with the swift wielding of spoons and spatulas and smell the sizzling aromas in the kitchen. She blogs at The Culinary Trail.

Shweta Shanbhag

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Initially started as a blog to publish and preserve Konkani recipes, Shweta’s food blog now includes a lot more recipes from different cuisines. Through her blog Shweta wants to dispel the myth that Indian food is hot and oily. Many of her recipes use boiling as the technique for cooking and very little oil. She blogs at Curry Affairs.

Pooja Nadkarni

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Pooja Nadkarni loves experimenting with food. She is seldom afraid of trying out different recipes across the globe and what’s more, trying to give them a desi touch, dispelling the myth that Indian food cannot be experimental. A great lover of sea food with strong Goan roots she blogs about a range of sea food recipes at Poojascookery.

Koyeli Chakraborty

Koyeli started her blog to make people realize that Indian foods are not difficult to cook. A big foodie, she shares famous Indian recipes and their cooking methods in the easiest way she can in her blog ‘From The Kitchen Of An Indian Homemaker‘.

Aarthi Satheesh

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Aarthi is convinced that Indian food is not time consuming, if you understand the style of it and have the required confidence. She says, “Frankly I would spend less than 30 to 45 mins in the kitchen to make a whole dinner.” She started her blog Yummy Tummy as a way to store all the desi recipes she tries out daily.

Shaheen Ali

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This physiotherapist believes that Indian desi food is something that connect hearts, and is not restricted in its appeal. Shaheen says, “From sweets to savouries, Indian food itself is an encyclopaedia of culinary art. Indian food is full of variations. An Indian recipe gets more than 20 variations when travelled from one state to another.” This desi blogger pours all her love in her blog Spoon Fork And Food.

With so many regional cuisines to explore, and so much tradition to document and share with the world, we believe that food bloggers from India are only getting started and have a wealth of food lore and knowledge to share with all of us! More power to them!



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