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Using Social Media For Business Growth #WomenOnTheMove

We tweet chatted with #WomenOnTheMove on how to use Social Media for business growth. This is what they said.

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How To Be The Best Writer I Can Be? #WomenOnTheMove

We discussed how to overcome the writer's block and be the best writer with #WomenOnTheMove in our weekly Twitter chat. This is what they said.

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Tanishq Ad Destroys All Sexist Stereotypes Women Face At Work

Every working woman can relate to the new Tanishq ad that destroys all types of sexist stereotypes in just 3 minutes.

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These Desilicious Food Bloggers From India Bust Some Common Myths About Indian Food

Indian food is all about curry. And it's spicy. No, it's not! These desilicious food bloggers from India are doing their bit to demolish these myths about Indian food.

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Is It Time We Upgraded To Rakshabandhan Version 2.0? [#WomenOnTheMove Chat]

Let's redefine traditions! The Rakshabandhan version we have right now surely needs change, said our readers in our weekly Twitter Chat, #WomenOnTheMove.

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Fu Yuanhui Breaks The Taboo Around Menstruation When She Speaks Of Swimming During Periods At RIO

Fu Yuanhui brings periods into the limelight at RIO, speaking about swimming during periods, and breaking the taboo on menstruation. 

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Yes, I Do Home Based Work. No, It’s Not A Cakewalk! #WomenOnTheMove

In our weekly Twitter Chat, #WomenOnTheMove, we discussed with our readers whether to work from home is a cakewalk or a challenge. Here's what they said.

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Actor Amala Paul’s Case Illustrates The Perennial Demand For The ‘Ideal Daughter-In-Law’

Actress Amala Paul's divorce is a grim reminder of the unnecessary 'choice' that women are often forced to make between marriage and career.

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Home Baker Iffat Agboatwala
Becoming A Home Baker? Not Easy, But It Sure Is Fun!

How easy is to build a business as a home baker? Fledgling entrepreneur and home baker Iffat Agboatwala shares her experience over the last year.

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