Actor Amala Paul’s Case Illustrates The Perennial Demand For The ‘Ideal Daughter-In-Law’

Posted: August 5, 2016

Actor Amala Paul’s divorce is a grim reminder of the unnecessary ‘choice’ that women are often forced to make between marriage and career.

Swashakti Project, Swavlamban, Saakshar Bharat; a sense of pride envelops when we watch advertisements focusing on women’s health, education and empowerment schemes launched by the government.

Women have been included right from the First plan of Government of India and over the years, the plans emphasize more on improving the economic and social conditions of women.

So it comes as a surprise when you realize that even with a number of ’empowerment of women’ schemes, patriarchy has still not loosened its grip in Indian society. And to top it all, it does not spare anyone- celebrity or otherwise, everyone would have glimpsed its power now and then.

Take the case of actress Amala Paul for instance. One of the leading actresses in the South and having acted in Telegu, Tamil and Malayalam Movies, she fell in love with director A.L.Vijay. Both of them had worked together in a couple of movies, started dating and decided to get hitched.

Their marriage in 2014 was the talk of the town as it was a star-studded event. Apparently they had a church engagement and a glamorous ‘Chettiyar’ style wedding ceremony.

But today, two years later Amala Paul is filing for divorce. Reports suggested that the 28 year old actress was pressurised by her in-laws to quit her successful film career and stay at home like an ‘ideal daughter-in-law‘.

This gritty gal chose her passion and her career over her relationship. Though Vijay has subsequently denied this, the situation does bring focus on the existing patriarchal society that gives a subordinate status to women.

Whether or not Amala Paul and her spouse chose a divorce due to this reason, there is no denying that women are pressured to give up careers in a way that never occurs to men. It’s high time we walk the talk rather than just talk women’s empowerment!

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