Tanishq Ad Destroys All Sexist Stereotypes Women Face At Work

Every working woman can relate to the new Tanishq ad that destroys all types of sexist stereotypes in just 3 minutes.

Every working woman can relate to the new Tanishq ad that destroys all types of sexist stereotypes in just 3 minutes.

‘Workplace sexism’. Two words that resonate with millions of working women across India. The everyday challenges that working women have to put up with is astounding. They are looked down upon for everything — promotions, pregnancies, working late, etc.

The new Tanishq ad is a breath of fresh air that challenges patriarchal notions of what a woman can do or cannot do. The ad documents the experiences of women from various stages of life — an intern who is struggling to prove herself amongst her seniors, a mother who is juggling hard to maintain a work-life balance and a pregnant woman who refuses to be sidelined due to her pregnancy.

The poem titled “Last thing on my mind” that runs in the background will resonate with anybody who is walking the fine line between work and personal life. Lyrics like “The catch that we shouldn’t have a screaming match“, or, “Or how just by telling a few dirty jokes, I become less of a woman and more of a bloke” and even for that matter, “We are not long term, is something they believe. Because soon we’ll get married and go on maternity leave!” will connect with women going through any phase of their life.

Lastly, the ad also documents how at some point or the other, most women are judged based on “how they sit and smirk. That if a girl looks good, She’s probably not good at her work.”

If you still haven’t seen this video, watch it here:

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