Gender Based Violence in South Asia
Gender-Based Violence Is Pervasive Yet Invisible in South Asia

In Bangladesh and Nepal, gender-based violence is the major cause of intentional homicides, while caste-based gender violence in India is rampant.

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Why Should A Woman Leave Her Home After Marriage?

What if I ask you to leave your loving parents forever and live with someone else your entire life, in their home, with their parents?

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Are Trial Rooms Really As Private As We Think Them To Be? Will They Survive Post COVID?
trial rooms

Trial rooms have always been fraught - a tiny private area in a public space. How are they perceived by women depending on their identity on the gender spectrum? Will they survive post COVID?

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Pop Star Demi Lovato Comes Out As Non Binary; Let’s Talk About What That Really Means
Demi Lovato non binary

Demi Lovato came out as non binary recently. Let's take this moment to talk about what it means, and normalise all gender identities for our trans and non-binary siblings.

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Karnan: A Spectacular Take On Caste, But Where Does It Stand On Issues Of Gender?

This brilliant anti-caste epic Karnan starts and ends with the image of a woman, but it does not do its female characters nearly enough justice in the middle.

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As A Schoolgirl, I Choose To Challenge Gender Bias In School Uniforms

Skirts, pinafores, and other such school uniforms for girls are uncomfortable and impractical. Why should our genitals determine what we need to wear?

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