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Calling All #FeministHeroes: Patriarchy Dehumanises Men Too! Speak Up For Feminism NOW

Dear men, we need the #FeministHeroes among you to lend your voice to the feminist movement to help eradicate gender inequality.

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I Am A Feminist Because… Go On, Join In And Add YOUR Reason To Be One!
why I am a feminist

It is at times like when I get misogynistic comments from those who I think are friends, that I tell myself why I am a feminist. A personal POV.

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Consent To Sex Isn’t Just About A “Yes” Or A “No”
consent to sex

Consent is also about the 'how' of sex. It's not (only) about the yes and no. The Aziz Ansari case got us thinking about consent to sex..

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If You Have A Brain, Please Don’t Open Urban Dictionary The Next Time You Want Word Meanings!
definitions of feminism

Urban Dictionary has some disturbing definitions of feminism and feminists, and they are bad enough to make any feminist's blood boil.

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Don’t Miss These 7 Feminist Series On Netflix. We Promise You’ll Thank Us!

Want to catch up with your quota of entertainment this festive season? We recommend these 7 feminist series on Netflix that you might binge watch.

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Here’s How I Convinced My New Husband To Practice Some Feminism At Home
sharing chores

Sharing chores should be a given for true feminism at home. This is how I convinced my husband and ensured it in my newly married life.

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