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Like any other writer, I am always on the lookout for those golden words that can touch people's hearts. But more often than not, I just write so that my soul can speak. Either way, I fill myself with amazement every time I fill a blank page with words that make sense (sort of).

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It Is Not Always A Happy Mother’s Day For Everyone!

This post is just to make victims of narcissistic abuse as children, feel no pressure to celebrate Mother's Day. It's ok to feel pained, sad, upset, angry, frustrated, all of the above on Mother's Day. 

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Film Zwigato Made Me Ashamed Of Our Lack Of Empathy For Delivery Persons

The movie Zwigato essays our collective insensitivity and inability to empathise as the customers, with those who make our lives better.

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Why Celebrating Women’s Day In Corporate India Is Mere Tokenism!

What is the point of giving speeches on the importance of women in the workforce on one day, when what we really need at work is unacknowledged? 

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Why Can’t A Boy Wear Lipstick Or Varun Grover Sport Nail Colour?

Just as we fight for women's right to make their own choices, we must also support men and people of all genders in their quest for their own identity. Varun Grover sets an inspiring example.

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We’re Not Blue-Blooded Women Who Must “Whisper” About Our Periods!

Times have changed, and girls and women should no longer have to hide that they are on their periods. For men, too, awareness is essential, to kill the taboo.

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An Uncharacteristic Friendship #FlashFiction

'Nobody understood their friendship, but they understood each other very well.' Such relationships are the most precious and yet may suffer because of societal expectations.

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One For All And All For One: Feminists & The Queer

As the Supreme Court gears up to hear a petition against #Section377, here is a poem that talks about how this fight is equally for all of us.

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You’ll Take Consent To Meet GDPR Norms But ‘No’ Means ‘Yes’ When It Comes To Sex?!

Recently, the European Union made a big update to its privacy laws, which make the user's Consent crucial. We need to replicate the GDPR model for consent in case of intimacy as well.

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toxic masculinity
Feminism Will Certainly Fail If We Remain Fascinated By ‘Macho’ Men

Toxic masculinity is harmful both for women who suffer at the hands of the men who subscribe to it, and for the men who are straightjacketed into a stereotype of what it means to be a man.

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‘Gravity’ Failed The Bechdel Test, So Let’s Look At 14 Better Tests We Can Use

Gravity was a feminist movie, but failed the Bechdel Test. Is the test really relevant in measuring if a movie or story has well written female characters who are empowered? 

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Meet The Indian Women’s Rugby Team Which Is Breaking The Stereotype That Women Can’t Play Rough!

The resilient women who love playing rough! Meet the members of the Indian Women’s Rugby Team who are breaking stereotypes every day.

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Calling All #FeministHeroes: Patriarchy Dehumanises Men Too! Speak Up For Feminism NOW

Dear men, we need the #FeministHeroes among you to lend your voice to the feminist movement to help eradicate gender inequality.

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Why The Queen Bee Should Go Extinct…Every Woman At Work Needs To Read This!

The Queen Bee stereotype of the female boss who lords it over other women and attacks those of her own has survived long enough. It's time to put it to rest.

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darkness to light
From Darkness To Light: A Fairy Tale

Here’s a final piece of advice. Don’t ask for the moon… reach out for it. And if you believe in yourself, you will get there. March along determinedly towards your goals. Let the light in you shine through

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