Don’t Miss These 7 Feminist Series On Netflix. We Promise You’ll Thank Us!

Want to catch up with your quota of entertainment this festive season? We recommend these 7 feminist series on Netflix that you might binge watch.

Want to catch up with your quota of entertainment this festive season? We recommend these 7 feminist series on Netflix that you might binge watch.

The contemporary world is full of inspiration for anyone who seeks it. And TV just happens to be the most comforting source of artistic inspiration. Whether you are looking for motivation, true stories, happy endings or just a good laugh – if you are thinking it, someone somewhere is making it. And for those looking for a series with progressive themes, inspiring female characters and bold storylines, Netflix is THE place to turn to.

The streaming giant with its massive viewership has been producing feminist series featuring people searching for happiness and a genuine identity, exploring their bodies, fighting for life against all odds and just being inspiring characters. Here is a list of some of its most enticing, creative and inspiring feminist series, beginning with the signature series that earned Netflix its enormous success.

Orange Is The New Black

The Emmy-winning series sows the events that unfold when a privileged New Yorker ends up as a convict deals with an ongoing struggle for equality. Set in a federal prison, the series deals with a struggle for equality and portrays LGBTQ themes, racial issues, mental health with feminism at its heart.

Watch the trailer here.

Cable Girls

When you need an extra dose of female inspiration, you ought to watch this feminist series about these four strong women working for a telephone company in the 1920s Spain. The series deals with the everyday struggles of these women at a time when feminist uprisings were taking form all over the western world.

Watch the trailer here.


With its realistic portrayal of women who are strong but not perfect, unique but not flawless, this feminist series is a must-watch for when you need to just binge-watch on some incredibly empowering characters. The story goes through all sorts of twists and turns by starting off as male-centric and slowly progressing into being a female-centric show depicting female professional wrestling.

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Watch the trailer here.

Chewing Gum

In a society that is extremely religious, sexist and simply restricting, a 24-year-old virgin is determined to get laid. With her complicated relationships and her awkward sexual encounters, Tracey puts the ‘fun’ in funny. Her journey of liberation through self-exploration and bodily experiences defines her refreshing character and makes her story a captivating watch.

Watch the trailer here.

Call The Midwife

The period drama set in an impoverished locality in 1950s London traces the life and experiences of a new midwife in a nursing convent. The period drama with its disturbing yet comical adventures depict the strength of female bond through friendship and is a must-see feminist series.

Watch the trailer here.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

The show is exactly what its seemingly misogynistic title is not. The series contains complex female characters and highlights mental and emotional health issues with a sprinkle of tantalizing musicals. The comedy extends beyond a simple laugh into being thought-provoking and makes the show one of the most entertaining ones out there.

Watch the trailer here.

The Bletchley Circle

Four women working in 1952 at Bletchley Circle – the place where the British broke the infamous enigma cypher – begin investigating into a pattern of murders. The feminist series is bound to entice you with its super-intelligent women, undying mystery, and the historical backdrop of the post-war broken era.

Watch the awesome trailer here.

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