If Only We Could Let Her Go

Posted: May 6, 2018

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“Solo travel,” they say, “is something everyone MUST do in their lives.” But how open are we to letting our girls and women travel alone? 

“Traveling alone enlightens,
Brightens minds, heightens senses,
It’s a better bet than that Goa plan.”

When he goes, its all of that and more,
But does she go? Does she even want to go?

“I’d rather go with friends”, “I won’t like it”
Are heard far more than a yes with a smile

Is it her?
Or is it us? Us, the rest?

Telling her she’s better off home,
Better off hanging out with friends,
Better off staying in her comfort zone

Stepping out could cause chaos
Could let her stay unchecked,
Unfiltered, uncensored
We don’t want any trouble
(well, trouble, danger or rape)

But remember, a step out takes you closer to places
Places on the outside, places on the inside
On a hill where the sun comes bright
Her shining wings can illuminate the world
Even enlighten all of us

All the world at her feet, if only we let her go
She could use the solace, we could use the lesson.

Header image is a still from the movie Wild

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