This Mom Gives Some Kickass Advice To Her Daughter That We Should All Take

"Do what frees you and don’t hold yourself to ransom, EVER," says this mom in an extraordinary letter to her daughter, full of all that a woman should know. Do read.

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Have You Given Your Children The Gift Of Free Thought?
free thought

Khalil Gibran has famously said, "You may give them your love but not your thoughts, for they have their own thoughts." Do you recognise this and let your kids think and make decisions for themselves?

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The Unexpected Gift Of Privacy

What would her mom say if she knew? But Maanasa seemed not bothered by such thoughts. She was so.... Titiksha searched for the right word, Maanasa was so uninhibited.

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If Only We Could Let Her Go

"Solo travel," they say, "is something everyone MUST do in their lives." But how open are we to letting our girls and women travel alone? 

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Dear Over-Protective Fathers, Forever Concerned Mothers And ‘Fatherly’ Brothers,…
letter to her family

A heartfelt letter to her family from this young Indian woman, representative of young women everywhere, ready to test her own wings as an independent adult.

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Wild Me! Wild You! Oh, To Be Wild And Free!
to be wild

Woman, you are the most amazing creature of the universe! Women are meant to be wild. It’s our birth right to be wild.

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