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Wild Me! Wild You! Oh, To Be Wild And Free!

Posted: June 5, 2017

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Woman, you are the most amazing creature of the universe! Women are meant to be wild. It’s our birth right to be wild.

When we were kids, we were one and the same with nature, not domesticated, not bound by the rules, no constraints, free to pause and ponder, eager to explore the world, no boundaries of restrictions, free to express our thoughts, and always smiling and laughing whole-heartedly.

Slowly with the passing of time, we start being tamed by the people around us.

We forget to laugh, forget to express and forget to believe the tremendous power hidden within us. We don’t pause any more and praise the beauty of the nature. But is this the real WE? NO. We are still wild deep within our heart.

It has been rightly said by Tennessee William that “Wild is about real adventure, either in the world, or in the mind”. It teaches the caged bird to fly free, and the free bird to accept the limitless sky. Go forth and unleash your heart.

Come, let’s get rid of those handcuffs and go wherever your heart takes you and do whatever you have desired to do.

Let’s get lost in the deep forests and feel the gentle breeze of the woods again.

Let’s once again get mesmerized by the sounds of the waves and dance with the tides of the ocean.

Let’s put on those fairy wings lying somewhere inside the closet of your heart and fly high in the sky.

Let’s wake up the real you; hidden within you and take it for an adventurous ride.

Let’s meet the real we again; Wild ME! Wild YOU!

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Image source: pixabay

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