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Spread Your Wings, Soon You Will Learn The Art To Fly!

Posted: March 15, 2019

I was afraid of water and always have been since I lost my partner, Sooraj, on the Rushikonda beach of Vizag in an accident. But, being a swimming coach and the love for the profession, I got up on my feet, gathered the scattered courage and started back to live the one life I had. I decided to radiate the same light and energy even in his absence. It was tough. But who said it would be an easy ride!

Day 1

‘Take a deep breath. Go inside slowly. Don’t panic. Keep your eyes and mouth open and keep breathing out’, those were the first words rather the first lesson of my swimming coach, when I started way back.

Adding to my Sir’s lesson, I thought of adding some life lessons this time. I instructed Vanya, my new student, ‘It’s just a game of breaths; inhaling and exhaling. Feel as if you are breathing out all your worries, stress and tension under the water with your eyes wide open to be ready to face any unwanted situations(Be prepared always). This entire process will force you to come out of your comfort zone. And when we come out of our comfort zone, only then do we realize there is so much to life, so much to learn, so much to explore. You just need to break the barrier.’ Vanya listened intently.

When Vanya learnt the art of breathing after a few classes, I delivered her the second lesson.

Day 4

The second step is going down. Keep your body properly aligned with the water and keep kicking your legs holding the sidebars with your hands for support. Never hold your breath. Keep breathing out under water. This will make you learn to kick all your problems and move further with balanced breathing. Sometimes in life, it becomes difficult to handle the situation. We panic, not able to move forward. But it doesn’t mean, you give up. Have some patience, keep breathing, keep going!
Vanya was regular. She worked hard paying attention to the classes.

Day 7

Free Float. This is the most important step. Leave the support of sidebars. And let your body float freely. This is the art of conquering our fear which opens up a new roadmap to venture into the wild. Trust yourself, trust your instincts, leave the boundary and let yourself float freely. Feel the magic happen. Let the soul dance and celebrate. This would have never happened if one would have clung to the boundary walls. In life also, if we want to achieve something desperately, we need to leave the cosy room, pull up our socks, have faith in ourselves, our calibre and just run to hit the target.

Vanya being a quick learner was ready to dive deep into the water soon.

Waters made my love red, but with the same red(his love), I painted my heart and life forever.


Image via Pixabay

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