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Victims Of Violence

Posted: December 6, 2018

A hard-hitting poem about a victim of violence who despite the brutal act will rise like a phoenix.

Whenever and wherever I raise my eyes,
Violence is ready to show its ugly head.

How hard I try to avoid it,
Its devil eyes never stopped following me.

How can I walk back to home?
Violence is scattered all over the roads!

Its edges are sharp like a broken glass,
See, I’m bleeding red throughout.

I swear I fought till my last breath,
But, failed to release from the tight grasp of its tentacles.

It penetrated deep into my body,
But, it paralyzed my mind.

A blood red tear trickled down my eyes in silence,
But the mob bypassed it, just like another casual incident.

How can one be so cruel?
How can one ignore the innocence dribbling down my face?

How can one turn a blind eye to my oozing wounds?
How can one turn a deaf ear to my piercing screams?

Doesn’t it make you freeze?

I was asked to keep my mouth shut,
Hide under the blanket of ignorance.

Does silence deserve more respect than my self-esteem?
Is keeping quiet more convenient than speaking my heart out?

Does suffering seem more important than claiming my space?

Don’t show your cold-shoulder to me, I need answers

Will turning my back bring down the nuisance?
Will limiting my boundaries solve the issue?

Stop marching with candles in your hands,
Please go and teach some morals to your sons too!

Because how hard you try to stop me,
I’m still going to fly with my broken wings!
I’m still going to fly with my broken wings!

Image Source: Pixabay

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