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Founder of 'Soch aur Saaj' | An awarded Poet | A featured Podcaster | Author of 'Be Wild Again' and 'Alfaaz - Chand shabdon ki gahrai' Rashmi Jain is an explorer by heart who has started on a voyage to self-discover herself by means of her writings. She is here to craft a world of words for all based on the life lessons learnt in the process. She is a thinker, observer and seeker. She believes in exploring, experimenting, experiencing and expressing. Writing is a form of art and she loves creating it. It is like painting your emotions vividly on a canvas. She believes Pen is the most powerful weapon and Writing is the purest form of therapy. Letting the emotions flow on a piece of paper is magical. There is no better way to connect and express your inner voice to the outer world. And she always feels rewarded when her writings brighten someone’s day. To believe in the magic of words, you can always peek into https://sochaursaaj.com/

Voice of Rashmi Jain

‘Gaali Khao, But Make The Gaalis Count’ And 10 Other Lessons I Learnt From Saand Ki Aankh

Saand Ki Aankh might be a story of two sisters fighting it against all odds. But it is also a story with several lessons. The author found 11 of them while watching it

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Spread Your Wings, Soon You Will Learn The Art To Fly!

I decided to radiate the same light and energy even in his absence. It was tough. But who said it would be an easy ride!

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takeaways from gully boy
9 Key Takeaways From Gully Boy, The Movie That Has Taken The Nation By Storm!

Gully Boy is a fully paisa vasool movie that you must watch. Great acting, excellent characters, and so much that we can learn from it.

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Self Defence – Better Prepared Than Sorry

Be prepared. Be safe. Be a survivor, not a victim. Gulp the fear down your throat and walk down the lane with your shoulders straight. Will you?

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Opportunity Will Knock The Door, Just Keep Your Head Held High!

And believe me, no established boy would be ready to marry a girl with a physical disability. You should consider yourself lucky enough that this match came for you and they are ready to handle you.

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Victims Of Violence

A hard-hitting poem about a victim of violence who despite the brutal act will rise like a phoenix.

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Of War-Cry And Patriarchy!

The author says that women have within them the power to stand against inherent patriarchal norms. They may belong to any category, they can still rise and shine one day.

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Women, Wear Your Crowns And Rule The World

An uplifting post which tells women to never let go of their invisible crown and be a fighter.

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Purpose Of Life

Each one of us should have a purpose in life. We should not just let moments slip away but make beautiful memories.

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One Step At A Time Towards Women Empowerment

Kamala, Anvika’s maid walked into home with heavy steps. She entered the kitchen to start with the daily household chores.

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Marriage – A Journey Or The Destination?

Marriage is not the end goal for girls. It's time we realised this and let out girls be.

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Just Before Her Wedding, Brave Yukti Decided To Take A Stand Against Male Domination

Gender discrimination and oppression is widely prevalent. All that women need to do is raise their voice against male domination. 

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Kanya Puja At Navaratri – Truly Worshipping Our Girls?

Kanya Puja is a Hindu Holy day celebrated on the eighth and ninth day of Navratri festival. On that day, young girls (usually nine) are invited for the Puja in several houses and worshipped as the nine forms of Goddess Durga.

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JuggIing In A Circus?

Have you ever felt like you are in a circus, juggling with many things at a time or walking on that tight rope trying to find your balance?

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Guilt Trip – Stop Before It’s Too Late

No, it’s not a field trip to some exciting place to visit or learn something new. It’s a trip to that lonely, deserted island where the only accompany of yours is the ‘guilt’.

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Freedom With Defined Boundaries…Is It Really Freedom?

Sometimes, most of us feel trapped - in our surroundings or in ourselves. Maybe, it's time we stop limiting ourselves and step out of the boundaries we are stuck in.

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Society Needs Its Equilibrium – Its Equality

Equilibrium! Yes, it’s a state of balance between the acting forces in a given environment. If the balance is not maintained, it will lead to its end, its termination.

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Life On Wheels…It’s Glorious!

Along with nostalgia, bicycles bring with them a hoard of good things, from keeping our fitness on track to saving the environment. Let's bring them wheels back!

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normal is overated
Normal Is Overrated, Let Us Be Ourselves!

Everyone is born unique, so why do we try shunning that? Let us remember to be ourselves than just be molded into society's definition of normalcy!

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The Story Of Noora, Who Believed That The World Would See Her Under Her Disability

Noora couldn't see the world, but she did not give up, even as she had fewer options as an orphan - she took hold of her own life.

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I’m A GIRL, A WOMAN! [#Poetry]

"Let’s become our own savior, I don’t want anyone to suffer anywhere, any more!" says the poet here, about standing up for your rights as a woman today.

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no permission needed
No Permission Needed [#ShortStory]

"But Maa, doesn’t it matter to you that your daughter is physically and mentally tortured every day? What’s my future Maa? What’s the future of my daughters?"

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you are enough
You Are Enough For Yourself. Stand Up And Claim Your Place!

In this world, sometimes you need to stand up for yourself, as you are enough for yourself and do not need a knight in shining armour.

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to be wild
Wild Me! Wild You! Oh, To Be Wild And Free!

Woman, you are the most amazing creature of the universe! Women are meant to be wild. It’s our birth right to be wild.

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