Monisha Raman

Content Consultant/Editor/Writer by profession. A rebel by birth, I find my solace in words.

Voice of Monisha Raman

That Heart-Warning Race Where A Tiny Tot Gave Us All A Lesson in Perseverance

When the going gets tough, how easily do you give up? A 4 year old child gave everyone watching some beautiful lessons in perseverance.

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All Along, I Knew Marriage Was Not My Cup Of Tea

I was a fiercely self-reliant soul, and I did not see myself living in harmony with a stranger that I had never met until a year before we were destined to live our lives together. Yet, I obliged.

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free thought
Have You Given Your Children The Gift Of Free Thought?

Khalil Gibran has famously said, "You may give them your love but not your thoughts, for they have their own thoughts." Do you recognise this and let your kids think and make decisions for themselves?

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