When parents say "we will bring our children differently to how we were brought up and not continue the cycle of abuse", they #BreakTheChain
To My Horror, I Saw My Own Teenage Face In My Son’s Fearful One

Relatives who hadn’t cared to as much talk to us since ages, were now offering advice, as to how being a mother, I was ruining my son’s future.

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Being Me, Being Mom, And The Impossibility Of Trying To Escape Heartache

I wanted to finish the story I was writing lest the thoughts vanish, and needed about an hour. And that was when my younger daughter decided to walk in.

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Dear Mom, It’s Me. Writing This Coz I Do Not Want To Become You

I love you as you are; I can’t stop even if I wanted to. You are as much a part of me as I am of you. But there is only so much that I can do in the face of your constant rejection.

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How To Identify A Narcissistic Mom And Deal With The Toxicity & Trauma Caused?
narcissistic mothers

The world refuses to believe mothers can be toxic, what they forget is that mothers too are human beings, and can be extremely flawed at times, like narcissistic mothers.

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This Mother’s Day Let’s Break The Chain & Share Our Stories Of Mindful Parenting
break the chain

Mother's Day is on the horizon, and we'd like to know your personal stories of being a more mindful parent, or of your mother taking the step to break the chain.

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